Sparkling With All

The sparkles of our stories are like candles in the window that draw us together

Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

I would be honoured if you would share this with your networks, your friends and family. On October 2, the Mayan day of Awakening to Sound, (after the Day of Silence) we will find a way for us all to hear this chant all over the world:

Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

(and maybe a second line – you decide!:

Our Mother, our lover, we breathe you in… )

If you can help or would like to contribute your styling, I invite you to contact us on the Facebook page for Synergy Space in Rotterdam:…

The inspiration came from something that happened in the wee hours of the morning, sitting on the balcony of Synergy Hub/Antonius here in Rotterdam, because sleep wasn’t what my body wanted to do:

I had a walk-in tonight. It was an amazing experience.

My ‘other’ (?) self came and embodied me and I was delighted! She was so approving and she blessed me and wrapped me energetically in spun love from my toes to my heart and I shivered – was it because it was chilly? But it was so synchronous with the sensation of each leg being wrapped with some electron-fast sparkles of light on threads of energy a handspan around my limbs and body. At heart level the sensation spread out to envelope me entirely. I was wrapped in love.

We then had a wonderful conversation and exchange of opinions and wisdom. When I expressed regret that I wouldn’t be able to remember, she told me I’d remember enough so I could tell you.

She gave me a chant to give to you. She suggested asking people to create their own way to sing/say it, their own music, and then weave them together. These are the words:

Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

She really loves all of us as much as she loves me. I am imagining the wonder of what we will cocreate and the power and the glory of our love.



Let’s Do It Again!!

I found this unpublished so must finish and post it – there’s so much that has happened! Nico is now here with us in Rotterdam; his former flat-mates now share with a couple who are special to them. This is what I wrote back in May, on my first real holiday from the work I’ve taken on here in Rotterdam.

Great BBQ at Nico’s place on Mothers Day; a highlight of my visit to Dortmund, Germany. We must have had 30 people in circle here on the patio! Sunday afternoon, on the sunny patio once again, this time we have street music blaring from a block away. It’s Mothers Day.

Hi Nico, Vera and Gregore! Thanks for a great time!

Here is a view of some of the rest of the patio!

“We’ve had too much doing in the past – it’s time to start thinking” (SO appropriate to the activities I’ve been involved in!)  I reply, “and we have to do it together.”

Gerhard Krach, one of the heroes they’ve told me of, said “Everything is here! The future is NOW.”

I like the way these Germans talk; they are strong and full of wisdom, opinions and laughter. My grandmother was German – but I don’t need a reason like that to like these people. They have welcomed me and made me comfortable and entertained me.  I look forward to coming back (maybe taking one with me…?)

Tomorrow Nico and I will be driving back to Rotterdam (stopping to visit his parents on the way to give his mom a hug for Mothers Day) and will check on the Ether mining rigs at Chefaro. I know that probably sounds like Greek to you… (or Dutch!)  Ethers are a new kind of resource ‘mined’ by computers, and Chefaro is one of the buildings of The Meesteren Foundation, the same group that has provided space to United Earth for our Head Office. We are in this together, as is Noomap; and others are joining – perhaps some from the Kamin Philosophen group that Nico has invited in for me to meet.

The circle created itself, there on the balcony, and I told them about United Earth and about the new building that we will be moving into, courtesy of Meesteren. I extended an invitation to come see and consider the possibilities. I spoke, and then we called a break before questions. Leaving the circle, I was caught in conversation by another elder and it was such a pleasure and so interesting that I lost track of time. Everyone was so respectful they didn’t interrupt and I lost track of time – the momentum of the circle was broken and I didn’t get a chance to eat. The limits of our endurance is one of the on-going lessons we each have the opportunity and privilege to learn as we go through life in these vessels, our bodies. When our circle reformed I was unable to continue so lost the opportunity to answer any of their questions. I hope they come to Rotterdam so they can see for themselves!

Nico is now here with us… September is a long time from May, and a lot has changed – but not my appreciation of the lovely time I spent in Dortmund!  Thank you!!

Lorelei 2016, a Transformative Women’s Festival

We have a family tradition enacted every month. On the first of the month, the first person who says “rabbits” to someone else, and it’s the first thing they say, they get good luck all month. Mom got me this month, by email. A bit of a stretch of the rules but what’s a rule or two within family? This is what I wrote back to her.

Oh my… well, that didn’t work, did it!??!  My attention was elsewhere so you got all the rabbits and the luck this month. Darn. I could have used it.

Things have progressed here and not in a direction I would have chosen. I have voiced my displeasure, as have others, and we may be easing our way out of the situation. We have a possibilities in Portugal and Greece. There’s an island there that is astonishingly beautiful! The Portugal location has lots of land and a big hay-bale building. The fellow who lives there with his lovely wife (they cook!) got the land from a man who, wanting to change his karma, just gave it to him–to help the New Paradigm get started! He came to us–Noomap, I mean. I’m a treasured member of the tribe! More on this later (or next letter!)

I’ve decided to embrace my magic, whatever it turns out to be. The Lorelei Women’s Festival was transformative for me in a very synchronistic way. Remember how I found my tarot deck when we were in Edmonton? That was magic! This was too…

I only had so much money (seems it’s a powerful tool for Spirit to guide us, as necessary!) so I was determined to purchase only what inspired me. I kept telling myself to just enjoy watching a truly beautiful skirt being worn because I’m traveling and I’ve got enough clothes. So I wasn’t worried about saving up for clothes when I got stopped by a stall selling crystals. It was nighttime and they had the lights on and they all sparkled so pretty. You know what I’m like with sparkles! They had red dragons… that’s my Mayan Signature: Resonant Red Dragon (means I’m connected to Spirit – surprise, surprise!) but none of them was MY dragon. Then a crystal was brought out that caught my attention, and kept it, and so I bought it. Then I bought another one, and I’ve already used it in my work!

But, finally, I just had to try on that skirt… seen on a few women in various shades, it was a long wrap-around in teal-blue. I didn’t have any money so I said I would see what I could earn reading cards. Successful, I went back but my skirt had already found an owner! I was asked what other colour might do and I said, “Well, I kinda like the blood red…”   ~Mom, it’s beautiful! It’s a multi-tiered skirt with a spiral twist and I got a black scoop neck t-shirt with bell sleeves and pompoms, and a hoodie vest in cotton lace, darker red than the skirt, over dark blue fleece, that laces up in the back. I had to put the diadem back because it cost more than I had. I told Yoka, the “gypsy grandmother” that dressed me (thank you, Yoka!) that it was ok because I really wanted to get a moonstone to wear on my 3rd eye. And I walked out like I dreamed it, so long ago; it was perfect… and then it got more perfect…

Well, first I had to come down to earth rather hard. I found I had messed up – I was late for the second workshop I was scheduled to give because I was trying on my skirt. (My first workshop was Guidance and Tarot. It was great!) And Karin had arrived to pack up the tent. It was lovely to escape and take a few minutes to start doing the workshop anyway–it’s always nice to do Qigong!  I wasn’t far into it when Yoka interrupted me saying, “I know you’re doing qigong but I’m going to interrupt you,” and she put a diadem on my forehead, sectioning and pulling my long hair up through the cord and laying it down flat again. She bent the metal here and there, and told me to work on making it lay flat against my skin. She said it was from her private collection and it was a gift – it was a moonstone.

She asked me to come visit her and I need to think of how I can do so. She’s special. When we had packed up the tent and all our finery and treasures, she pointed out a bunch of clothing that had been left free-for-the-taking. A jacket had caught my eye earlier but it looked small… It’s a bit tight but I can wear it and I love it… it is a short vintage houndstooth pinchwaist with a silk rose at the top of a ^ inset in the back. I’ll have to take a picture because the whole outfit is outrageously beautiful, with my long silver hair, silver bracelets and moonstone at my throat, forehead and finger (thank-you, Mom!) I look like a gypsy!

…and you know that first crystal, that I bought on the first day? …

It was a ball…

That’s the end of the part of the letter I wanted to share with you. I’m going to diverge now so Mom has something new to read… when she can read again. She’s had some trouble with her eyes again so is not finding it easy to continue her life as usual. I’m sending her healing energies and considering going home. We shall see what unfolds…  The next paragraph in the letter started, but didn’t continue, like this:

I have a crystal ball! I now look the part and I’m drawing cards for others again. I was honoured as an Elder and Grandmother, and got to tell some of my stories to many people. I walked in the woods and laughed and sang with an Indigenous Grandmother and healer, Carola Esparza. (oh, Carola, it was magical!) I feel like Spirit’s hands were in it “up to the elbows”! It all happened without intent, and by making choices in the moment from an attitude of gratitude and self-worth. So many things have happened since I came to Holland – because I was guided to… I trusted the guidance and took the step.

And now I’m going to close because it has been days since the end of Lorelei and I really have to post this! Bless you, and all of you… May you walk in beauty in your every day – and notice it more often!

Lorelei, Elders & All – August 2016

I’ve been told that it seems Elders are considered wise only when they are from a foreign land. That Dutch people see me as wise is heart-warming, and I am honoured. In my experience, however, Dutch Elders have their own wisdom and I honour them–living a long time gives us perspective and experience. Wisdom is  gained only by putting in the time! I believe the wisdom of our Elders is as important a gift as the laughter of our children (and Elders have time to spend with the kids too. Mixing them together will uplift both groups, and the rest of us too.)

At the recent Lorelei Women’s Festival, a few of us gave a panel presentation based on “Opening Windows” for our younger sisters. We told stories of what it was like 40 years ago: the sexual revolution and free love; the expectations we had, and those our families had; the challenges and choices we made that created the boxes that contain us. Opening windows is one of the abilities Elders have, both through storytelling and through listening–often an interested nod will allow a rush of revelation unsuspected. After our sharing we went together through the forest to the Grandmothers’ Tent where we performed a water ceremony. Bottles of water had been specially prepared; one held the energies of the masculine and the other the feminine. Mixed together in a large bowl, they became the elixir with which we gathered the qualities we desired for the next 7 generations. As we spoke our names and our gift, we filled a little silver cup and poured the measure into a lovely large crystal vessel. During the ritual, participants of a workshop Martha had given earlier came to sing and drum for us. We joined them and more gifts were added, more water… The blessed water was then offered to each participant–a mere sip carries all the gifts, on to their families, friends, networks, the next 7 generations…

The remaining water was set aside to be used in the closing ceremony of the Festival. That was hard… the saying goodbye part, I mean. So many of these women have become special to me and the memories are still so new that I cling to their freshness, savouring the qualities of each one. A tear, a smile, a laugh, a turn of phrase, a graceful gesture, women walking away and women walking towards me with beauty and love sparkling all over their faces.

Girls love to play dress-up. Women do too! Our vendors were so playful, knowledgeable and generous that it was a true pleasure to walk amongst the stalls. Quality items for low cost, some superb artwork and crafts, crystals that can transport and uplift you; yoga and massage to ground and relax you; and workshops, and weaving, and drumming, and heart-to-heart conversations, and… 

I broke an arrow with my throat and walked on fire. I listened to a Dutch workshop on ritual and magic and understood much of it – thanks greatly to the young woman who translated for me. The Dutch people have been very gracious; I get the feeling though that they’d just as soon I don’t try learning their language because they keep telling me how hard it is! I need encouragement and fun to learn this stuff!

I talked about guidance and did tarot readings in a workshop – I told some stories and talked about the deck I use, and why, and how. We talked about how guidance is available if we ask for it and stay alert for an answer. We shared our experiences of the different forms guidance can take – a feather, a butterfly, a smell…

I want to talk about all the special things that happened and all the wonderful people. I’ll have to write more, separately, because I haven’t written in such a long time and I really want you to know that I’m having a challenging and amazing time doing things that I imagined but never thought I’d really do… and I’m trying to walk forward with courage and confidence into the unknown, guided by nothing I can see or measure. This is what I said I would do when I gave my heart and asked the Moon for help so long ago. I am speaking for Her–I am a Voice for Spirit (as are you, though you may not know it yet!)

After days of such hot weather that we melted even in the shade, the rain that night was almost welcome (though it never is when you’re in a tent!) We laughed and wondered if we might have caused it with the water ceremony the night before.

I’ve talked a lot about my experience… What do you think? Were you there? Have you walked on fire?


London Adventures

I’m learning new respect for those of us that survive through posting online! It’s a beautiful day in Hartlepool England, and the following was supposed to be posted yesterday but internet wasn’t good in the train and not in my room at this hotel either. They are reassuring but I have little confidence. Sitting here in the bar because there I s internet here! (Has nothing to do with wanting (needing?) a beer after all this…

An oasis of peace in the centre of London’s East End, Annette’s house is the epitome of an English artist’s home, stocked to bursting with beautiful things, reminders of inspirations and hard work. I was lucky to see her most recent work, a tribute to pigeons and gulls in The Tidal House, a reclaimed derelict mill, once powered by the tides, now a museum and film location. When we dropped in there was a party going on, an English form of wine and cheese (gin and nibbles!) with live jazz, a real-life crowd-funding for convicts or something. Her origami pigeons, flocks of gulls and great falls of beautiful handmade and painted paper were a brilliant accent to the ancient dark wood and girders. Gave all the dressed-up ladies and gents an extra something special to contemplate as they made out their cheques!

My next experience of Annette’s London was Wanstead Park, an expansive wildish acreage once held by an heiress and her spendthrift husband. There are ruins of a grotto (see picture) where he locked her up when she wouldn’t give him anymore money. But there came a day when there just wasn’t anymore and they lost the place – no more was she captive in the rock-work house set into the hillside beside a small lake, part of a network of waterways. The canals and lakes are home to many birds including coots, mallards, cormorants, swans and robins (different from North American ones) and the ever-present sparrows singing their hearts out. Birdsong was so much more present in London than I’m used to – made me feel confident that, when we bring trees back into other cities, songbirds will come back too.

Annette’s London also includes a jewel of a theatre where we saw Love N Stuff, a stage play of acting genius wherein 2 actors created a comedy of epic proportions that made the large stage seem crowded! The only sound heard in the theatre, other than the actors many-accented lines, was laughter. 90 minutes of that was a great workout for the belly and facial muscles! 

A day walking along the Thames from The Tower of London through to Trafalgar Square was a workout too! It was perfect until, just after taking pictures of the man creating floods of beautiful bubbles to the delight of the children (and all others too!), Annette’s camera was misplaced and all the pictures she had taken were lost too. Though she has my pictures, they aren’t the same and she’s out a camera, a must for an “indigo” artist of her caliber and experience. She shared some of her films with me last night and I’ve been appreciating the many forms of pottery and artistry cached in her small home, catching my eye every time I turned around.

Walking with Annette through her London, it was easy to see why she loves it – it loves her! The joy on people’s faces when they greeted her was clear evidence of the high esteem in which she is held. I am so very lucky to be her friend…

Extremely lucky today, too! Apparently, the British banks do not recognize my bank card. We found a way at her bank; with the help of Visor Johal (I’m not sure of his name, but that’s close!) we were able to put some money in my pocket. Thank you, Annette, for all your help!

I’m on the train now, on the way to Hartlepool, on the northeast coast of England, to meet up with Bret and Tan who are in Skelton, a few k away. Seeing where Tan grew up and meeting the family, especially Gracie, her niece, is anticipated with great pleasure.

I hope the weather cooperates as well as it has so far…!

We Share at OuiShare 2016

I almost didn’t come; it seems I choose, sometimes, not because I WANT something but because I want to avoid something. I imagine that is quite usual but I wish it were different – and perhaps it will be, in time. It is the goal of the Noomap team: to be able to do what you want and little else. Can you imagine a world like that? People living their passions…

Today I had a chance to talk about mine. I haven’t for awhile, being focused on assisting others to achieve theirs, and I’ve found that quite fulfilling. Perhaps you know the feeling? I love to celebrate the successes of my friends! And what I’ve seen today helps me to realize that my friends successes are woven in with mine. The pattern is becoming clear, or at least it seems to be! Today I asked a question and received much more than an answer.

It was a simple question to a panel gathered to discuss: From Seed to Mouth, How Open Source and Decentralization Can Transform Our Food System. I asked for their ideas about how to feed the people in our cities and mentioned that I have a plan. It was not an easy question for them to answer, being outside of the areas of interest of the panel members. After the Q&A, people came over to follow up with me about my idea. A couple of them were from CHINA! We did a short interview and I may be seen IN China before I see China! I was able to share the concept of Our Heart Gardens, and the good news that I move into our first location next month. 

I came to Rotterdam at the invitation of The Meesteren Foundation. They welcomed me and encourage and support me and my ideas – I love that I get to do what I am doing. I am only one of the people whose lives they have affected and the Mayor and City of Rotterdam have noticed – they received the Hart of Rotterdam award last week. Meesteren’s goal is to prototype the sharing economy and show how it is a viable and desirable alternative to business as usual. I have wondered how I was going to get a location and a city that was open to the dramatically different methods of dealing with so many of the problems common to large cities. 

Rotterdam has a wonderful mayor; his office includes a woman with the mandate of developing a “We-Society”. They signed The Charter for Compassion on May 20 and have plans for competing in the Compassion Games. With the first Our Heart Gardens as another way to support them, the citizens of Rotterdam have some major innovation coming their way! 

Sitting here in this cozy apartment at the top of one of the tall residential buildings here in Paris, I am reflecting on the love that has sustained and facilitated the progress of this dream of each of us helping to support each other together. This is Spirit in Action in my life – it’s exciting and what I came here for (this life, I mean!) I had no idea I was to be any more than a witness to what happened for Noomap while they’re here. I just wanted to avoid being alone by being with people I care about – often the best criteria for making a choice.

Women’s Circle

Driving into a fiery sunset showcasing a big sky, underlined lightly by the rural Holland countryside; a friend’s intelligent, thoughtful, heartful conversation; a fire in the centre of a circle of amazing women… A story was brought; a question was asked.

We listened, and we shared our own stories. Personal stories told in circle are not shared outside the circle without permission; what others are moved to share, I look forward to reading. We talked about life today and men and society; we talked about curses and beheading and forgiving. I put into the circle, into the fire, the murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada; I talked about how lucky I am to know the gentle-men I do. We heard about the culture of Mongolia where houses are built with two central columns representing Mother and Father. Children are taught that neither is to be leaned on and that they support the house together. Another story was offered of women who lived long ago in a culture very different from any of ours, diverse as we were. The Amazons were a tribe of warrior women; women who kept men as servants or studs, and killed surplus boy babies. Some of them were so passionate about archery that they removed their right breast to allow better bow-handling. They lived in a place so powerful that, to this day, men cannot endure being there; a place where water flows through 9 round pools named for the 9 different kinds of love – love of mother, of child, of man, etc… It was appreciated that there were 9 of us.

We talked about synchronicity and magic, about power and guidance. We talked about the thousand fires that were lit on a plain in Mongolia in December 2012 that moved a comet from impact trajectory and saved the planet.

Beautiful drums were handed out, different from any I’ve ever seen. Mention was made of neighbours so we struck a soft beat – mouth harp, soulful singing and spirit orbs filled the circle of women’s faces lit by the soft light of the dancing fire… long, how long…? The call of an owl signaled our work was done!  Laughter… I love laughter!

After such a full day, it was hard to turn away from the fire to face the drive home 2 hours across Holland, but needs must… good music (and trying to connect with the keeper of the keys to the door behind which my borrowed bed lay) kept me awake.

My deep thanks to Karin Lindeman of The Hague, of Four Worlds Europe and my friend, and the other women of the circle, all of whom I shared circle with at Castle Millemont just outside Paris after COP21 back in December, 2015. It was amazing then; and again last night… and will be again…

Breaking the Blogging Silence

May 5, 2016

United Earth is exciting and it’s what’s happening for me and it’s taking too long to write individual responses to emails so I have to break the blogging silence! Also, I want to keep track of what happens with United Earth and Noomap and Meesteren and traveling and immigration and my problems with data storage–you’re probably not interested in that, unless of  course you are, and then you can email me–but no promises (see above re emails)!

United Earth

(My) Vision:  A free and healthy world that is intelligently and dynamically networked

(My) Intention:

  • to make the invisible (Movement of movements) visible and show it to itself through free news and educational shows and events.
  • Become aware of and blend the gifts with which we’ve each been blessed, to create both a physical location and an online presence that encourages people to learn about alternative options to the status quo.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Now I’d like to share a bit of what else I’ve been thinking of – I’m lounging on the deck of the apartment that Nico shares with his two roommates (see the picture) in beautiful downtown Dortmund Germany. It’s a lovely quiet* sunny day and I have good company – all my needs met, and a lot of my desires. It’s hard to become motivated to make plans that will change it. And yet I must…

* quiet… very. There is no traffic. I am astounded; a car or motorcycle comes by sometimes but I hardly hear it, here in the middle of a grouping of medium-tall old buildings that feel like they’ve been here forever. This is in the old part of the city, where almost all streets are walking only, behind where the walls used to be rhere are a huge number of stores and restaurants and although I hear people vaguely having a raucous good time outside, it’s still pretty quiet in here. There’s a street celebration going on because of Father’s Day I think – I had my fun last night.

Jillian Hovey, permaculture pioneer, wise-woman and circle worker, is coming to Rotterdam on Monday. Nico and I will drive 3+ hours in the morning to be there. Jillian will be coming to work with Synergy Hub* participants – she’s going to make Antonius her home-base for awhile. Antonius is ours from June 1; we have to prove our concept (prototype Synergy Hub interwoven into the community) in the first 6 months to keep it. Jillian can give us 3 days for some deep delving and communication skills-building, then she must fly again.

*It is becoming abundantly clear to me that similar models are popping up all over the world. While we need to find each other and unify, it’s still hard to give up our own hard-won version – and we’ve each fought on our own for our own vision for a long time. Spirit manifests in us and through each of us differently. We just need to blend the edges a little. We, and our plans, were created from a plan but we’re not given a map. Noomap is, I think, the map of the larger us. Perhaps when we see just how many of us have similar intentions, it will be easier to step into the future.

Nico already has a community here in Dortmund – on Saturday we will be having a Kamin Philosophen (Fireside Philosophers) BBQ to introduce me and United Earth. Late last year the group stated their desire to live together in a sustainable, etc. way, totally in alignment with Synergy Hub, and Nico found UE right after that,  like an answer to their prayer. I’m interested in co-creation of Antonius – it would be good practice for when they set up their own fractal of Synergy Hub, and we could benefit from their participation. Apparently Nico brought me here with this in mind, though I didn’t really pay attention to his motives. He’s such an engaging fellow! He’s out on his motorcycle right now, to buy a new cellphone; a 45 minute ride each way so, better I just wait this one out (& an opportunity to write this!)

4 weeks until I have to leave (at the beginning of June) or get a residency permit. Anthony said he’s working on it so I’m not worrying (much). I have been thinking that I should ask my good friend Karin Lindemann (of Four Worlds International Institute (Europe) if she has a contact in South Dakota for the Gathring of Eagles because I could go to Eastern Canada for three weeks before dropping down into the States for that on June 28 (Karin has been such a wonderful friend on this trip, making me a part of the family and letting me use her bathtub. She’s generous and thoughtful and I look forward to our next circle.) but  if I don’t tell people I’m interested in coming, I won’t be able to do anything!

But I don’t really know yet  if I am… Yan is off in Portugal homeschooling his daughters while their mom goes out to work, so he’ll use Skype to join us in circle with Jillian. His email yesterday was pretty clear he’s feeling disconnected. I feel like I want to go down to Portugal so we can work together for a change – I’ll make that decision next week after I’ve had a chance to talk and work with Jillian and everyone.

And then there’s Noomap – they are a very interesting group working on an overarching computer network like what I envisioned for Our Heart Gardens. Noomap is a new technology that maps things in order to connect individuals and groups with interests, intentions, skills and resources and/or needs that scream out “Synergize me!” I’ve been very impressed with Chris Larcombe’s recent presentation of Noomap and look forward to more. It’s a fractal world and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Nico, my host, is now part of Noomap, and of United Earth, and had some difficulty with deciding how to divide his energies for the greatest good. He spent his time trying to find a place for the Noomap team to spend the next 3 weeks because they have jobs to do, that they need to concentrate together on, and don’t have a place. They have said they’d like to have me join them, and I would love to. We wanted to be close to Yan in Portugal but the places cost double our budget – now it must be figured out but the question is – where? We are hoping for an invitation to manifest… we have visions of a caravan and canopies and draperies gently flapping in the breeze.

IMG_0342.JPGThis is Nico and Vera and Gregor. What lovely people, thoughtful and fun!

I could be all wound up with my energy going in 7 different directions but I’m putting it aside for the main part, and having a very good time. I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? (though I could use some focus!) After dinner and drinks at an open air pub last night, Nico and I went dancing. I was a bit of a sensation (I don’t know what they see, looking at me, judging by the reactions I got)(all positive!) I didn’t feel (too) awkward being bowed to, with full flourish – the young man should have had a big hat with a feather! And I’m happy to say that I have once again survived dancing in a mosh-pit!

Life is so much fun!

Following the Signs

Taking with me the lessons of the past, setting my nose to the trail of guidance from Above, I have landed here in The Hague, in the Netherlands, Europe. What a whirl it has been!

It all started when… oh my, I guess it was before that! OK…

Last year I flew across the Atlantic for the first time – because of working online with United Earth on their website and the COM21 Conference of Movements, they invited me to come to Rotterdam to co-host the conference. More than that, they asked me to meet them in Paris to interview some of the people who had come to be a part of COP21, people involved in the Movements that we wanted to invite to COM21 in Rotterdam after the Paris event was over. I’ve spoken about my experiences there in a previous post. I want to talk now about what happened after I got home to Kamloops with an invitation to return to Rotterdam…

Choices – how do YOU make them? Do you make lists of pros and cons? Do you think about what it will be like to live in your new choice? to leave behind the familiar and strike out anew? How will you get around, where will you live – how will you survive, let alone thrive?

I did… I did all of that. And then I threw my hands in the air and said, “You need to tell me; I can’t make this decision alone!” I surrendered to Spirit, knowing that any decision that I make alone would never be as good as one made with the support of that part of me that is more than me. And it wasn’t long before I got my answer!

My mind was churning as I was leaving an evening with “The Ladies” (Mom and a couple of our lady-friends) – the evening’s conversation whirled around their wishes to have me stay or, if I went, what would it take; what would it mean? Should I stay or should I go?

As I emerged from Mom’s building into the brightly lit parking lot, there was a soft snow falling. I was startled by the beauty: the fresh blanket of pure white snow brilliant under the lights, the falling sparkles bright against the black night sky. Walking out of the shadow of the building I was embraced by the light of the full moon and was reminded of a night long ago. I’ve written about it, a time when I was about 15 when my heart flew to the Moon and I made a promise that I would answer Her call when it came. I was reminded of that promise and I realized – this was it – the time had come… To be the person I believed I was, I had to answer the call.

Sitting here in the sunny living room of a Dutch family with a borrowed laptop is a testament to the validity of that decision. All the things that have happened have been less stressful because of knowing: although I walk alone, I am not alone. If there was only one thing that I could get across to people, it would be: there is no separation; it only feels like we’re alone! My adventures have been so very exciting, and more than I would have dared because I know this, and I hope you find the courage to trust that there will be signs to follow, if you just ask and watch for the answers.

What happened between the decision and here? I packed up all my cares and woes, singing low… No, no, no!  I had a great time being loved by my friends and family and then packed up what I wanted and loaned or gave the rest away to friends and family, gave up my apartment and moved in with Mom for a couple of days. Then we went on a cruise!!

In my mind the classic “family” thing to do has always been to go on a cruise. I never dreamed I’d really go because it’s expensive and my mom and I were not friendly for a long time and my brother has his own family and my dad’s passed on. But when I retired they gave me a retirement bonus, my mom and I reconnected and the opportunity presented itself. My brother still wasn’t interested (and Dad can drop in anytime he wishes!) so Mom and I and a couple of other women signed up. When I made the decision to go to Rotterdam, it was just days after the final date for cancellation of the cruise so, gee, I had to go or forfeit the deposit. While it would have been comforting to have the money for this trip, it seemed I was supposed to do both! Being here now, I’m very glad I went – I know that for Mom the time & trip were everything she has dreamed of since she traveled with her mom, and for me, I now have wonderful memories of traveling with my mom… full circle to the next generation. I guess that’s a spiral, isn’t it?!

Three days after we landed from the Panama cruise I took off for Rotterdam, via Calgary and London. Through Mom’s needs, I had learned on the Panama trip about dealing with physical limitations and the benefits of using airport wheelchairs. With my sore feet, and being directionally challenged, I’d never have made my connections. Because of their help, I  never felt lost and always was well cared for. There is an element of powerlessness that I had to fight down once in awhile but knowing that their purpose was to help me made me willing to be patient and allow it all to unfold. I also learned that I need to pay more attention what airlines I’m booked on, and to the different rules of different airlines – the local airline between London and Rotterdam allows only a modest amount of fluids (anything spreadable!) I had to allow much of my creams, lotions, shampoo, etc., to be thrown out because I couldn’t take it with me. Lesson learned (take a different airline!)

In Rotterdam I was not met as expected and I had cancelled my phone before we went cruising. I did, however, have the free wifi of airports everywhere (that I have been) so I messaged my friends. Waiting gave me time to catch up on emails, rest my weary self, and before very long I was whisked away to the old university where some of us gathered until the scattering that landed me in this Dutch haven. Because of this dispersal-adventure that seemed so disruptive and possibly tragic, I’ve seen more of Holland than those whom I’m joining tomorrow (they’ve been here weeks longer than me) and I am very glad to have had the experience. I have walked a dyke between lakes so large that a windmill on the far shore was barely a finger-width high. I circled with powerful beautiful women in a house with glass walls. I have walked up and down steps so steep they would be called a ladder back where I come from! walked a beach so big I can’t think how to describe it! spent time with a family with different customs and speech but the same body language and vocal inflection that I’ve been used to all my life; slept in an attic, and with revolutionaries, and reveled in the genius of singular minds meeting, and tomorrow night I will sleep in the basement of a bakery. I am homeless – and thrilled with it!

It helps, I’m sure, knowing that I have resources and people who could rescue me, and for that I am eternally grateful. Without that safety net I could never have made the decisions I’ve made – and I believe it is important I do what I’m doing. What I do empowers others; and what we do empowers even more people. It is empowered people who will make the difference as we go forward.

Going forward there shall be peace – I received the promise (and wrote about it). If we keep doing our best we will achieve it, though not by our planning and efforts alone. There are too many variables for any human to arrange such a huge thing, but it cannot be done without our choosing it. Our lives are the warp and the weft of the fabric of time within which we live – all of us together – and the more we act together, the stronger the fabric is. To this time, we have not had a way to see what has been done by a few for the love of power/money. With the internet, not only do we see more, we are able to come together to counter the actions of those who work only for themselves or their groups.

United Earth is working with people developing a new internet technology that cannot be controlled by those in power. We are reaching out to grassroots leaders talking about alternative ways of operating in this world. We’re going to be starting a network of grassroots media so we can know what’s REALLY going on out there! We have been spoonfed “news” that suited the “suits” and have had no idea of what is really real! Since before the ’60s we’ve been talking about being sheep since but haven’t had the power to do anything about it – now we do! And we’re doing it, as best and as fast as we can.

It was being in the middle of a conversation, what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls “supra-sexual” engagement, that ignited my passion and led me here. She describes it to be what comes after procreation – it is co-creation! Meant for more than two, it gives us something new, different and exciting for this time when humanity is larger than our Earth can support. It is what I long for; what I moved for; what I want always around me – we are co-creating Synergy Hub 1, a living example of the sharing economy where people do what they are inspired to, and little else! It’s amazing what people are inspired to do…

It is imagined that, like a tree seeks balance by growing symetrically, humanity will create balance within the entirety of itself by each of us making our choices based on our own inner guidance.


Islands of the Son

The Victrola stood at the top of the driveway looking very forgotten – but it wasn’t, and new adventures were just around the corner… The purpose for which it was created had been thoroughly enjoyed long ago, but it had been shuffled from place to place for years, and had waited powerless for something exciting to happen again. Used as a table to display pretty sparkly things, resurrecting its original intended purpose would have taken a lot of effort: things removed, mechanisms learned, records to be found, and the time to enjoy those ancient sounds to be carved from the prevailing reality.

The week before I got a call from my brother, who owned the driveway, the house and the Victrola – and he told me the house had been put up for sale and they were moving to the lake. There would be no room for the beautiful old piece of furniture that our grandfather had ordered and shipped from Great Britain so long ago – he and his wife had some money to either buy more land next to their very large farm in mid-Alberta, or something else. Going with his heart, he decided on something else… the Victrola was shipped across the ocean, down or around the Great Lakes and across the prairies, picked up at the train station, probably by horse-drawn cart, and installed in their family home where generations of the entire community enjoyed the beautiful strains of music captured by the technicians of the day. When he died, the music was put away. His widow lived on without his music, without him. She lived a long time and when she died, she passed the Victrola on to my brother.

Like me, my brother is not a very musical person. When he received it, he was pleased and honoured, but it didn’t get any use. It remained a beautiful piece of furniture that displayed other beautiful things… until this change. It had become a burden and was at risk of being dumped! He offered it to me but I didn’t have room. I couldn’t take the Victrola – but by a stroke of inspiration I found someone who could, and the tale will unfold for you as we go forward…

A little bit of philosophy: while it held all those beautiful things, along with the keys and purses and daily debris of life, I wonder if perhaps the Victrola forgot what its original purpose was. Did it remember the music it brought to life, and the joyous gatherings, the special private moments between dancers? Community was created within reach of its waves of sound, an island of music where people set aside their worries and, instead, allowed their hearts to lead them in a dance inspired. Did the Victrola know of the changes to come? Did it feel anxiety because of the plans that would spell the end of the place it stood? Did it feel helpless? Did it feel…  

Does it feel? I’ve read that some people believe that ‘inanimate’ objects do feel, and have an awareness. I’m not sure how that could be but it is an intriguing notion – and it could be True. We certainly don’t know everything – we’re finding out every day just how wrong we can be! I’m using the capitalized version of “True” vs. the lowercase “true” to differentiate something bigger than what could be simply a belief: one person’s truth is not necessarily the same as another’s! Each of us, I believe, have a piece of the Truth living within us. When we share what we believe, we can test how true it is. If it rings True to others, by sharing we allow our piece of Truth to merge and become part of the bigger Truth. If it doesn’t ring True to them, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, necessarily. Perhaps they didn’t hear the ring of Truth. Maybe they weren’t ready to hear it, unable to catch the tune; perhaps the beat wasn’t solid or the melody unsteady, the timing off. It may just need work. Being inspired helps…

The Story Continues – I digress:

While volunteering at the community kitchen, I came to know the chef. I spent an evening at her house getting to know her, joined her and her friends for a Norwex party and some crafting evenings. She is a wonderful woman with a very generous nature. When I needed a screen to provide privacy at a Fall Fair, she dove into her shed and produced exactly what I needed – I’ve always wanted one just like it! I was a good borrower and returned it promptly afterward, and when I needed it again, she said, “Why don’t you keep it? It’s just taking up storage space here!”

When I was offered the Victrola, it didn’t take long to come up with the idea of passing it on to her. She lives in a family home: her daughter’s family lives upstairs and she lives downstairs with her husband. She was also the obvious recipient because of the other item my brother had offered me – an electric grain mill from the same era as the Victrola. She had asked us a couple months back to keep an eye out for one!

Another bit of philosophy – synchronicity! When things happen that are just too perfect, pay attention. They help you notice that Spirit is present; living in and through your life, and the lives of those around you. I find that very encouraging. Knowing that things are being affected, arranged and presented for our attention and benefit has astounding extension into the reality that we share. This is a Truth that more and more of us are becoming aware of. While it is not yet “common knowledge”, this is the process we are in right now: the realization of Spirit and Purpose and Sharing – the Awakening.

Some of the concepts that I’m pulling in here may be a little “New Age” for you, and I respect that. Each one of us has our own idea of what Truth is – unless we have accepted the dogma of a religion. Pervading religion was a step in humanity’s development, I believe, that allowed us to maintain a commonality of intention that was really important while we were increasing in number. But while people blindly followed the rules, religions were amassing fortunes, taking over and exploiting the Earth, our only home! Long before the 60s, individuals started thinking for themselves, and they spoke to others. Now, most of us are aware that, just like the Victrola, we need a secure, healthy and loving home.

The Story Continues:

I didn’t hear from the chef for awhile. I saw her announcements in my Inbox but I was busy so couldn’t join them at the kitchen. I wondered and hoped, (almost) confident that someday I would hear about the Victrola – and one night I heard from her. I had emailed her with a picture of a desk that was taking up too much space and, when she said she could give it a good home and mentioned an extra night in the kitchen, I suggested she pick up the desk and me on the way to the kitchen. She brought her 2 grandsons (3 and 5); we loaded the desk and were off – it was a great evening of teamwork and good community. I brought home 8 cans of salsa and stewed tomatoes and relish for only $5! I cannot emphasize enough the joys and benefits of our community kitchen and the church that provides the facility for it! (Yes, there are good things that churches do, but dictating the thoughts and behaviours of people is not one of them!)

On the ride home I heard the story of the Victrola – not having been in touch allowed it to be told like a good story, from the tragedy to the happy ending! She got the Victrola home and set it up; chose a record and picked up the arm to set the needle on the record – and it fell apart in her hand! She was devastated! But she didn’t just throw up her hands and decide to use it as a display cabinet: she started searching the internet for how to fix it.

After weeks of fruitless research, on the second-last day of a trip across the continent for a different purpose, she learned of a man who could help her – and he was just an hour and a half train ride north of where she was, instead of across the country! She and her husband took that trip and found the one man in all the world (it seemed) who knows how to fix it, and has the workshop with the replacement parts. She told me that even her husband was happy with the trip – meeting the man with the fabulous workshop was as much a treat for him as it was for her! It worried both of them that the man, Don Woodward, has no one to pass the workshop on to when he passes on – he has clients all over the world! He is 73 and last year he had a brush with mortality. When asked what would happen when he died, Don replied that his kids would probably just throw it all in the dump.

Before the final bit of the story, one last bit of philosophy and the purpose of Islands of the Son – it may get a little strange here and I urge you to consider the bits, as well as the whole. Problems with religions are primarily that the leaders weren’t able to share their Truths widely; their followers skewed them in their favour; and those speaking their Truth died before the texts were written. History is written by the victors and the Truths told did not support the victors’ visions of success. Basic Truths still remain, though, buried in the foundations of the great religions.

I offer here some of my truths, bits that have come to me through religions and philosophies, prophecies I’ve heard, dreams I’ve had and what has come to me through meditations and life experience. What we do, going forward, will be what We WILL it to be–the majority of us–and the rest will be carried along, as they have been carried along, all along. No one HAS to be a part of the Awakening – it’s going to happen anyway – it IS happening anyway. What we become will be the result of thinkers sharing, and action-takers doing what feels right and Truthful to them. It’s already happening and it’s really exciting but there is still this majority of us that are still asleep. There’s talk of a tipping point…

The question is, what do We want to be made up of? Do We want Victrolas to be part of that? We are not only our bodies; we are also ethereal, something not of this reality/world. We are the things we make and do, the choices we make and the experiences we have. We are more than the people alive today on this planet – We are our ancestors and We are the ones that will come after. Time is a construct of humanity because we have had no way to conceptualize the idea of no-time. Spirit/God is no-time – eternal.

Have I lost you? I hope not because this is where it gets interesting… I’d like to use my words, if you don’t mind – it’s easier to say what I mean if I use my words. Instead of God, let’s use Spirit… living inside us, around us, through us – it is the Great Mystery and it includes All That Is: the Sun, the Moon, the Universe, the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and life: plants, animals and… you get the picture. Each of those things is created from the same things – stardust and Spirit. Going back to the idea of the Victrola having an awareness of its risky position in reality; this begins to sound feasible, doesn’t it? If we are only stardust and Spirit, and so is the Victrola, who can say it has no awareness?

The fabric of our reality is built upon expansion by duplication – fractals, basically: patterns formed of patterns based on the patterns that formed them. Everywhere we turn we see evidence of new life born from existing life–male and female usually, although some plants and animals do it differently, and maybe that’s important too (clownfish can choose their gender!) And we learn by example. We smile and speak to our children to teach them to be happy and how to communicate. As adults we go to a new job and learn by seeing what others have done, or do. As people, looking at the evidence of what we see in our world, knowing that Spirit is pretty smart, and believing there is an underlying purpose to our existence, what are we supposed to learn from these examples?

Perhaps the life cycle of a God…an awakening of our Awareness… Remembering that we each have our own little bit of the Truth, and weaving those small bits together into a tapestry that holds together, one bit that has rung True for me is that a Child is to be ‘born’. I believe All That Is was created as a womb for the Child. That Child (Son, Daughter, or something Other) will be the Child of God – or is that Gods?  If we are the Child We are meant to be, Our mother is certainly Mother Earth and the sun would be Our Father, providing the energy for us to live. Comforting to have two parents, isn’t it?

As a reward for your perseverance and tenacity, and listening to what rings True to me, I’ll tell you what is happening in the “life” of the Victrola. It is now settled in its new home, has a new arm and new needles – did you know that each time a record is played, a new needle is used?! Now the Victrola is turned on almost every day, a new needle is applied to an old record and beautiful music is heard by a wonderful family, a small basic fractal of All That Is.

But Our story is not done – We are just awakening! In our existence as humans, cells within the body of the Child, we have been islands – of experience, emotions and knowledge; islands of Spirit–islands of the Son (/Daughter/?) It is time to build bridges between us because many of the most wonderful things in this world are being lost. If an apprentice for Don Woodrow, the Victrola Repairman, is not found; when we lose him, we lose a vital link to a wonderful segment of music history – of human endeavour and enjoyment. In this amazing world of today, we have an invention that is just as marvelous as the Victrola was in its day: the Internet. Through our connections we can find the perfect person to help him. Please share this with anyone who you think could be, or could help find, an apprentice for Mr. Woodrow, or with anyone you think might enjoy the story. Feel free to contact me or the Canadian Antique Phonograph Society.

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