This is a place I created to share the magic in my life. Everything happens for a reason, but the reason is often hidden by time, and circumstance.  I believe that our world is part of Spirit and while we don’t know all of what that is, we are given clues: global, tribal and personal.

Global clues are things like earthquakes and weather changes, cycles of life and animals; the magic of the Earth. We’re getting clues now that things are going to change – big things that affect us all.

Tribal clues include the beliefs and traditions of the people we come from, our interpretation and experience of them; faery tales and wars, prophesies and trends.

Personal are the stories of our lives and how it inter-weaves in the lives of the people around us; the things that happen to us that make us who we are, the people that are, and transform, Spirit – with every choice we make.

We are creating Something new, bits and pieces coalescing everywhere, and I’m excited! I believe the time has come to gather together.  Like the spontaneous quickening when single celled animals decided to share the work, we are driven, drawn, not knowing what We will be.  But an urge is felt, perhaps a nudging from that part of Spirit Who is our Mother, to encourage us, the fledgling, to fly.

Animals reproduce themselves, as man begets man (or woman, but we’re not talking gender right now!) and I believe we need to realize that gods beget gods.  If we are to be the child(ren) of god(s), we cannot be only human, we must be more. As cells of the body of the Child of Gods, how can we know what the whole of Us is? or will be?  As does a babe of any kind, We will learn.

We learn together, here on the internet. It is, perhaps, what will be Our “central nervous system.”