A wand, transformed / Us, forming…

by Shannon McArthur

I found it

lying on the beach

I held it, felt into it ~

and we reconnected

to the Earth

through a


Standing One.


I took it home and wrapped it

in my Mother’s love ~

daisies laced with whimsy,

from a gown she once made for me.


I added a feather, just one,

asking the birds to take

my prayers to

The Other Side…


Upon the wall she hung, 

Seeming, feeling incomplete

until inspiration sparked and flared…

Broken Arrow joined Her there!

She is the Feathered Serpent ~

Of this world – and not.

Her burden completes Her ~

Her Feminine waves mated with the

Masculine Symbol of Peace.


With His feather to pair Her flight

We take off, together, into the Light.


By Shannon McArthur (revised 11/2018) 
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters