A View of Time’s Weaving Before Winter Dreaming

by Shannon McArthur

The Dreamweavers Sanctuary (the Crestone, Baca Grande property at 454 Heatherbrae Road) is actively facilitating the birth of U-Ma, and I thank everyone there from the bottom of my heart! Returning from my road-trip north (“home” to Kamloops and further north to Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada) I am feeling into “the unknowing” of what U-Ma is destined to be. Hints from Spirit seemed embodied in people drawn during that special time to this special location; their skills, dreams and desires. They (and you?) have their own visions of what will arise… we are weaving our dreams into a future that holds us all, healed and whole!

In U-Ma, I feel we are co-creating something new, unique in all existence; something needed that has never been needed before… What is it? I feel that by defining it we confine it—limit it—so we imagine it and speak of its form and purpose, as we each conceptualize it, while honouring the notion that it is being designed by Spirit. Together, we’re trying to figure out what that is—kind of like Spiritual Pictionary!

The U-Ma concept became very personal to me during my trip south. The plan was to visit LionFire and Mary in Cortez, and then go to the 3 Sided Whole music/shaman festival with them. Instead I got shingles. So much for plans. While waiting for time to pass (both for healing and festival-time to come) we talked about how they have effectively provided a U-Ma Retreat (or Sanctuary?) for many years with people, like me, finding peace and healing in their home. It is a rich and fertile environment with generous, wise, knowledgeable people. Was my 1st visit, last year, U-Ma’s inspiration? I believe so, though we didn’t speak of it then…

Three things to speak of now, before I share with you the update I’ve been working on for so long (re-written as time has passed, opinions considered, plans achieved or changed, etc.):

  1. Our name – Is it a Retreat we want? Or… a Sanctuary? Lori and I talked about how U-Ma could be an acronym: Universal Mother Assembly, or U-MaSS (U @ Mass Power or Universal Mother Sanctuary System). What do you think? We can decide together on a call! Let’s have some fun!
  2. I envision a lacework of places with healers pulsing through it — the U-Ma Sanctuary System… Cortez, Crestone, Taos, Arizona, Mexico, Canada… the globe… bringing healing to people where they live. The Traveling Shamans may be good to align with!
  3. Suggestions from Willow Coyle, the cob-house builder (see below), for our FB ‘About’ presentation were gratefully accepted. Also to make a short video to generate interest. She’s given me a list of documents to help us set up properly and I’m working on them. Please, if you’re inspired in some way, I’d love to co-create.

Dreamweavers Update: Jodi is happy to have the property well tended by 2 (breaking news: 3) Grandmothers; she is free to travel (visiting family first). Lori is back in Louisiana with her family. I was hosted at Dreamweavers for a couple of weeks. Arriving there not yet fully recovered from shingles, it was unsettling having people coming and going (AirBnB, temple builders, friends, mechanics…) and expectations, judgements and different people’s differences rubbing others the wrong way. Peace being our shared desire, we worked things out and when I left (to go to Jodi’s Taos property – another possible jewel for U-Ma!) I had an invitation and intention to return; I look forward to exploring the wealth of experience and skills to learn and share (ooo, weaving!)

The day after I arrived at Dreamweavers, Willow came. She had been part of a free school for cob-building. She’s young, knowledgeable, willing, interested, can manage a worksite and a class, and is very capable in the kitchen! Style and beauty—ok, I like her. She is interested in adding her skills, imagination and wisdom in the Spring to what’s being dreamed up for U-Ma on the Alamosa property. Before she left to rejoin her partner she toured our current project, the yurt at the Dreamweaver Sanctuary.

It began as a beautiful Afghan style yurt lined with fine fabrics but over the years it deteriorated, collapsing 3 years ago. When I first saw it, it was just a hole in the ground with posts.

While I was gone north for the summer (to meet my son and Mom‘s and my pilgrimage to her birthplace, Haida Gwaii) it got a tin roof!

Jodi ordered wood one day with the intention of applying it to the sides of the yurt herself. That same day, David and Lantz, two young men referred by a friend, asked if they could make it a temple (as it was before, apparently! It is so good to have Elders to inform us of the past!)

David may live in/around the yurt this winter, using Dreamweavers’ outside kitchen. Lantz has returned to Texas to visit family, and expects to return. Like me, he is a believer in doing “the next right thing” so hasn’t firm plans. He is considering Jodi’s offer to create a community gathering/cafe on her Taos land.

We had quite the adventure the day we went to the mountain to gather cryolite! Buried around the base of the yurt, it is to add a special quality to it. According to an online source: cryolite is a highly spiritual, high-vibrational stone that resonates in all chakras. It is said to bring the crown, heart, and third eye chakras into alignment and harmony enabling a deep connection to Spirit and the higher realms.

We made our way up a REALLY STEEP HILL ~~ (the 4WD couldn’t do it!! It’s almost VERTICAL!)

And then we walked even further up… to a white monolith standing bright against the blue sky, and the beige and grey stone, and the dark green of the trees… a mother-lode of cryolite!

The Rock Pickers… Willow, David and Lantz
(and me… I’m taking the picture!)

Before taking any stones, we gathered for ceremony, asking and giving thanks for four buckets of beautiful rocks that stretched the arms of Willow and our temple-builders a few inches! 

I brought water, woven through ceremony
with waters from all over the world,
to bless us and our mission.

Mission Accomplished!

The budget for the yurt/Temple is minimal. The end result, unfocused as yet, is to be worthy of U-Ma / the Divine Feminine; a place where we can meet together to dream Spirit dreams and express our eternal adoration of our beautiful home, Mother Earth… and so we are accepting gifts of suitable materials, skills and resources. Can you help?

Sand, cement, tiles—tiger-eye, quartz, or labradorite perhaps? Building materials and items that can be worked into the design are invited. Tin cans with the tops and bottoms removed, then slit down the side and flattened make nifty shingles, I’m told. The tops and bottoms could resemble scales… Is a coiled dragon implied by that? I wonder what form will appear…

Impending cold weather encourages quick work to help the yurt hold heat! The wood-stove is connected and the firewood cut. The skies have been a brilliant blue for awhile; clouds from hurricanes south of us are gone… and snow is in the forecast!

Bless you, and all you do…
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters
oa Shannon McArthur