Unprepared, As Usual

by Shannon McArthur

I camped for years, at times on the road for months, but it was all by rote and we had all the equipment, clothes and gear. Trying to re-create that comfort with someone new is an exercise, and worth every moment! JJ is a nice guy, although he’s a bit gruff sometimes. We are both so amazed at what is happening, and we are both so committed to our mission, it is easy to cut each other some slack. We both know it isn’t easy, so we try to make each exchange pleasant and informative (I’m trying not to fill the air with non-essentials and JJ, well, he doesn’t talk much at the best of times! I encourage him to add his vibrations and he’s getting the hang of it!)

I’ve been adding a bit to a document when I get the opportunity because I don’t want to lose any of this! (Power and wifi are essentials in our lives!) So, here is some of what I’ve written:

  • Going through the Rockies today, after a night on the side of a mountain overlooking Manitou Springs, Co, at the Garden of the Gods. We’ve seen amazing scenery and missed some fabulous photos — and we got some too! You’ll see..
  • The road reminded me of Highway 1, down the Pacific Coast. Windy (no, not the noun, the adjective!) as in lots of curves and turns and beautiful views; narrow, blind and totally engaging in-the-moment experience for the driver (JJ!) and completely enthralling to all passengers (me, and Those who travel with me, though unseen)(You!?)(We are One! We just have to figure out this telepathy thing and SO much will become unnecessary and obsolete. Will lying become obsolete? Unnecessary? Oh, make it so…)

Enough of that! I’m for a bit of gratitude now, how about you? Me first, and then Spirit will listen to yours, k?

I’m grateful for the sun on my face and the ability to find shade; blessed be the trees! I am grateful for the wind in my hair; blessed be those who donated the sari shawls that decorate our campsite and keep me hopping because the wind blows them from the trees that give me shade from the sun that baked me well yesterday and today, not so much… there are puffy white clouds and darker grey ones. And there, just now was a drop on my arm as if Mother Nature is warning me that more may come. We’re saying prayers that it stays dry so the sage that I’ve hung up will dry in time for the opening ceremony. I’ve become the Sage Elder at this festival. It is the first time I’ve been encouraged to do the work I’m passionate about; to get involved with the people doing ceremony and those organizing stuff. This makes my soul sing!

Oh right – back to it… I’m grateful for the fire last night that was the beacon that brought JJ to me, in the dark, with a light to show me the fire that he had been waiting for me at. I didn’t know there was more than one, and I got a hot sweet milk-tea. It was wonderful; I was invited by the youngest of the current troupe – today she turns 6! And her birthday party will be under the dome with the pink flower on it (it’s amazing how flowerlike a parachute can be!

Back when I was in Kamloops I said I sought something deeper… having the opportunity to do what inspires me brings an element of clarity to the experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years. This is what can happen if you give your life to Spirit. My choice was made back when I was 15. I’ve waited a long time to be activated. I have transformed and the path is before me.

And this in a chat with Rob, that Red Dragon who plans to join us in June…

  • Pththth!! Too bad you’re there. This is awesome! I’m harvesting sage and helping in ceremonies. JJ whacked a lot of weeds yesterday; I gave the organizer, Jessica Joy, a reading and helped serve dinner. While I got our kitchen organized, JJ helped make the Big outdoor kitchen. It blew down in a squall we just had. I had just got up and strolled over… nah, gotta write it once, in the blog… thanks anyway.

So, here we are… Let me tell you, it is so exciting and emergent and challenging and amazingly beautiful and the amazingly beautiful people that we meet are so synchronistically placed in our lives – Jessica Joy (JJ) is the coordinator for the Festival! There’s a guy who works an hour outside of my hometown, Kamloops, BC!! These people know and have been practicing the tenets of living that we’ve been talking about/working with for the past year in Rotterdam at the Synergy Hub. It is so nice to see the festival taking shape and being able to know these lovely young people as we go into the weekend. It is so deeply comforting and reassuring that we are welcome and desired, as elders, to be a special part of these festivities.

Jessica has a special quality that seems to make each of us feel like we are special friends of hers and absolutely everything that we want to do should happen and we should each do what we are passionate about. I am passionate about ceremony and she has me working with the fellow creating the water altar. I’m looking forward to getting back to see what he’s done today. And checking out the sage situation — the more, the better!! Never too much sage!  So, we are going back to our little corner of Paradise – and I’ll send some pictures next time, when I remember my phone – maybe I can find something on this to head up the text… brb…


Castle Rock, in the rain, driving at speed down the Highway – yes, I was in the passenger seat!