Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

by Shannon McArthur

I would be honoured if you would share this with your networks, your friends and family. On October 2, the Mayan day of Awakening to Sound, (after the Day of Silence) we will find a way for us all to hear this chant all over the world:

Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

(and maybe a second line – you decide!:

Our Mother, our lover, we breathe you in… )

If you can help or would like to contribute your styling, I invite you to contact us on the Facebook page for Synergy Space in Rotterdam: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/…

The inspiration came from something that happened in the wee hours of the morning, sitting on the balcony of Synergy Hub/Antonius here in Rotterdam, because sleep wasn’t what my body wanted to do:

I had a walk-in tonight. It was an amazing experience.

My ‘other’ (?) self came and embodied me and I was delighted! She was so approving and she blessed me and wrapped me energetically in spun love from my toes to my heart and I shivered – was it because it was chilly? But it was so synchronous with the sensation of each leg being wrapped with some electron-fast sparkles of light on threads of energy a handspan around my limbs and body. At heart level the sensation spread out to envelope me entirely. I was wrapped in love.

We then had a wonderful conversation and exchange of opinions and wisdom. When I expressed regret that I wouldn’t be able to remember, she told me I’d remember enough so I could tell you.

She gave me a chant to give to you. She suggested asking people to create their own way to sing/say it, their own music, and then weave them together. These are the words:

Oh Mother, my lover, I breathe you in…

She really loves all of us as much as she loves me. I am imagining the wonder of what we will cocreate and the power and the glory of our love.