A Park Synchronicity with Merlose

by Shannon McArthur

Walking with Drew and Denise for the first time through the park across from the Synergy Hub/Antonius here in Rotterdam. Merlose and I were talking about how beautiful it was, out there in the sunshine with a boy and his mom. She shared with me that going to the park had not been a peaceful prospect when she was a child. That this could be a pleasurable experience was new for her and she was doing great until she started remembering how bad it had been. Have you done that? By remembering a feeling you felt in the past, you can bring it on again, can’t you?

We found a nice spot on the grass and sat together. She put her head on my shoulder and allowed a tear to fall. Then Drew plopped down beside us and said, “Do you know that on an android phone you can get free games?” What a precious child! His innocent energy immediately acted upon ours and we were lifted into a conversation about how this amazing thing could be done. Drew showed us how and finished with a little flourish, “And now I’ve got… Mushroom Land!”

We cracked up! Merlose is the creator/author of a comic-book loosely based on the life of Terence McKenna, one of the most vocal supporters of the use of psychedelic mushrooms ever. That Drew would be given THAT game and say it at THAT time was very synchronistic, like Spirit giving her a poke and a smile, telling her to relax, everything is ok. We were just winding down when Merlose noticed something on the phone’s screen and she asked, “What’s the name of the game?”  Drew took another look, “Oh, I was wrong. It’s Marshmallow Land,” and we were off in gales of laughter once more. We refer to that kind of synchronicity as a “Jungian slip” (the ‘Freudian slip’ is usually sexual in nature). It was wonderful that he had seen something meaningful to us, rather than what was “really” there, and we had been ejected explosively from the blues.

I believe there is a reason for everything, even though we often can’t see it. The threads of our lives are woven together by Greater Hands than ours, and when we put our faith and trust in that weaving, our lives become magical. Capable as we are, there is so much more possible than what we can wrap our little heads around; Spirit is guiding us forward, towards a bright unimaginable future. Do you feel a little thrill of anticipation, thinking about that? That’s the feeling we need to remember when things get crazy/scary, or even just challenging. We talked before about “remembering a feeling can bring it on again”… This is how you can transform a difficult tendency of the mind into an effective tool for staying on the upside of life: remembering the good times can seed the now moment with prime material for creation of more good feelings.