Let’s Do It Again!!

by Shannon McArthur

I found this unpublished so must finish and post it – there’s so much that has happened! Nico is now here with us in Rotterdam; his former flat-mates now share with a couple who are special to them. This is what I wrote back in May, on my first real holiday from the work I’ve taken on here in Rotterdam.

Great BBQ at Nico’s place on Mothers Day; a highlight of my visit to Dortmund, Germany. We must have had 30 people in circle here on the patio! Sunday afternoon, on the sunny patio once again, this time we have street music blaring from a block away. It’s Mothers Day.

Hi Nico, Vera and Gregore! Thanks for a great time!

Here is a view of some of the rest of the patio!

“We’ve had too much doing in the past – it’s time to start thinking” (SO appropriate to the activities I’ve been involved in!)  I reply, “and we have to do it together.”

Gerhard Krach, one of the heroes they’ve told me of, said “Everything is here! The future is NOW.”

I like the way these Germans talk; they are strong and full of wisdom, opinions and laughter. My grandmother was German – but I don’t need a reason like that to like these people. They have welcomed me and made me comfortable and entertained me.  I look forward to coming back (maybe taking one with me…?)

Tomorrow Nico and I will be driving back to Rotterdam (stopping to visit his parents on the way to give his mom a hug for Mothers Day) and will check on the Ether mining rigs at Chefaro. I know that probably sounds like Greek to you… (or Dutch!)  Ethers are a new kind of resource ‘mined’ by computers, and Chefaro is one of the buildings of The Meesteren Foundation, the same group that has provided space to United Earth for our Head Office. We are in this together, as is Noomap; and others are joining – perhaps some from the Kamin Philosophen group that Nico has invited in for me to meet.

The circle created itself, there on the balcony, and I told them about United Earth and about the new building that we will be moving into, courtesy of Meesteren. I extended an invitation to come see and consider the possibilities. I spoke, and then we called a break before questions. Leaving the circle, I was caught in conversation by another elder and it was such a pleasure and so interesting that I lost track of time. Everyone was so respectful they didn’t interrupt and I lost track of time – the momentum of the circle was broken and I didn’t get a chance to eat. The limits of our endurance is one of the on-going lessons we each have the opportunity and privilege to learn as we go through life in these vessels, our bodies. When our circle reformed I was unable to continue so lost the opportunity to answer any of their questions. I hope they come to Rotterdam so they can see for themselves!

Nico is now here with us… September is a long time from May, and a lot has changed – but not my appreciation of the lovely time I spent in Dortmund!  Thank you!!