Lorelei 2016, a Transformative Women’s Festival

by Shannon McArthur

We have a family tradition enacted every month. On the first of the month, the first person who says “rabbits” to someone else, and it’s the first thing they say, they get good luck all month. Mom got me this month, by email. A bit of a stretch of the rules but what’s a rule or two within family? This is what I wrote back to her.

Oh my… well, that didn’t work, did it!??!  My attention was elsewhere so you got all the rabbits and the luck this month. Darn. I could have used it.

Things have progressed here and not in a direction I would have chosen. I have voiced my displeasure, as have others, and we may be easing our way out of the situation. We have a possibilities in Portugal and Greece. There’s an island there that is astonishingly beautiful! The Portugal location has lots of land and a big hay-bale building. The fellow who lives there with his lovely wife (they cook!) got the land from a man who, wanting to change his karma, just gave it to him–to help the New Paradigm get started! He came to us–Noomap, I mean. I’m a treasured member of the tribe! More on this later (or next letter!)

I’ve decided to embrace my magic, whatever it turns out to be. The Lorelei Women’s Festival was transformative for me in a very synchronistic way. Remember how I found my tarot deck when we were in Edmonton? That was magic! This was too…

I only had so much money (seems it’s a powerful tool for Spirit to guide us, as necessary!) so I was determined to purchase only what inspired me. I kept telling myself to just enjoy watching a truly beautiful skirt being worn because I’m traveling and I’ve got enough clothes. So I wasn’t worried about saving up for clothes when I got stopped by a stall selling crystals. It was nighttime and they had the lights on and they all sparkled so pretty. You know what I’m like with sparkles! They had red dragons… that’s my Mayan Signature: Resonant Red Dragon (means I’m connected to Spirit – surprise, surprise!) but none of them was MY dragon. Then a crystal was brought out that caught my attention, and kept it, and so I bought it. Then I bought another one, and I’ve already used it in my work!

But, finally, I just had to try on that skirt… seen on a few women in various shades, it was a long wrap-around in teal-blue. I didn’t have any money so I said I would see what I could earn reading cards. Successful, I went back but my skirt had already found an owner! I was asked what other colour might do and I said, “Well, I kinda like the blood red…”   ~Mom, it’s beautiful! It’s a multi-tiered skirt with a spiral twist and I got a black scoop neck t-shirt with bell sleeves and pompoms, and a hoodie vest in cotton lace, darker red than the skirt, over dark blue fleece, that laces up in the back. I had to put the diadem back because it cost more than I had. I told Yoka, the “gypsy grandmother” that dressed me (thank you, Yoka!) that it was ok because I really wanted to get a moonstone to wear on my 3rd eye. And I walked out like I dreamed it, so long ago; it was perfect… and then it got more perfect…

Well, first I had to come down to earth rather hard. I found I had messed up – I was late for the second workshop I was scheduled to give because I was trying on my skirt. (My first workshop was Guidance and Tarot. It was great!) And Karin had arrived to pack up the tent. It was lovely to escape and take a few minutes to start doing the workshop anyway–it’s always nice to do Qigong!  I wasn’t far into it when Yoka interrupted me saying, “I know you’re doing qigong but I’m going to interrupt you,” and she put a diadem on my forehead, sectioning and pulling my long hair up through the cord and laying it down flat again. She bent the metal here and there, and told me to work on making it lay flat against my skin. She said it was from her private collection and it was a gift – it was a moonstone.

She asked me to come visit her and I need to think of how I can do so. She’s special. When we had packed up the tent and all our finery and treasures, she pointed out a bunch of clothing that had been left free-for-the-taking. A jacket had caught my eye earlier but it looked small… It’s a bit tight but I can wear it and I love it… it is a short vintage houndstooth pinchwaist with a silk rose at the top of a ^ inset in the back. I’ll have to take a picture because the whole outfit is outrageously beautiful, with my long silver hair, silver bracelets and moonstone at my throat, forehead and finger (thank-you, Mom!) I look like a gypsy!

…and you know that first crystal, that I bought on the first day? …

It was a ball…

That’s the end of the part of the letter I wanted to share with you. I’m going to diverge now so Mom has something new to read… when she can read again. She’s had some trouble with her eyes again so is not finding it easy to continue her life as usual. I’m sending her healing energies and considering going home. We shall see what unfolds…  The next paragraph in the letter started, but didn’t continue, like this:

I have a crystal ball! I now look the part and I’m drawing cards for others again. I was honoured as an Elder and Grandmother, and got to tell some of my stories to many people. I walked in the woods and laughed and sang with an Indigenous Grandmother and healer, Carola Esparza. (oh, Carola, it was magical!) I feel like Spirit’s hands were in it “up to the elbows”! It all happened without intent, and by making choices in the moment from an attitude of gratitude and self-worth. So many things have happened since I came to Holland – because I was guided to… I trusted the guidance and took the step.

And now I’m going to close because it has been days since the end of Lorelei and I really have to post this! Bless you, and all of you… May you walk in beauty in your every day – and notice it more often!