Breaking the Blogging Silence

by Shannon McArthur

May 5, 2016

United Earth is exciting and it’s what’s happening for me and it’s taking too long to write individual responses to emails so I have to break the blogging silence! Also, I want to keep track of what happens with United Earth and Noomap and Meesteren and traveling and immigration and my problems with data storage–you’re probably not interested in that, unless of  course you are, and then you can email me–but no promises (see above re emails)!

United Earth

(My) Vision:  A free and healthy world that is intelligently and dynamically networked

(My) Intention:

  • to make the invisible (Movement of movements) visible and show it to itself through free news and educational shows and events.
  • Become aware of and blend the gifts with which we’ve each been blessed, to create both a physical location and an online presence that encourages people to learn about alternative options to the status quo.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Now I’d like to share a bit of what else I’ve been thinking of – I’m lounging on the deck of the apartment that Nico shares with his two roommates (see the picture) in beautiful downtown Dortmund Germany. It’s a lovely quiet* sunny day and I have good company – all my needs met, and a lot of my desires. It’s hard to become motivated to make plans that will change it. And yet I must…

* quiet… very. There is no traffic. I am astounded; a car or motorcycle comes by sometimes but I hardly hear it, here in the middle of a grouping of medium-tall old buildings that feel like they’ve been here forever. This is in the old part of the city, where almost all streets are walking only, behind where the walls used to be rhere are a huge number of stores and restaurants and although I hear people vaguely having a raucous good time outside, it’s still pretty quiet in here. There’s a street celebration going on because of Father’s Day I think – I had my fun last night.

Jillian Hovey, permaculture pioneer, wise-woman and circle worker, is coming to Rotterdam on Monday. Nico and I will drive 3+ hours in the morning to be there. Jillian will be coming to work with Synergy Hub* participants – she’s going to make Antonius her home-base for awhile. Antonius is ours from June 1; we have to prove our concept (prototype Synergy Hub interwoven into the community) in the first 6 months to keep it. Jillian can give us 3 days for some deep delving and communication skills-building, then she must fly again.

*It is becoming abundantly clear to me that similar models are popping up all over the world. While we need to find each other and unify, it’s still hard to give up our own hard-won version – and we’ve each fought on our own for our own vision for a long time. Spirit manifests in us and through each of us differently. We just need to blend the edges a little. We, and our plans, were created from a plan but we’re not given a map. Noomap is, I think, the map of the larger us. Perhaps when we see just how many of us have similar intentions, it will be easier to step into the future.

Nico already has a community here in Dortmund – on Saturday we will be having a Kamin Philosophen (Fireside Philosophers) BBQ to introduce me and United Earth. Late last year the group stated their desire to live together in a sustainable, etc. way, totally in alignment with Synergy Hub, and Nico found UE right after that,  like an answer to their prayer. I’m interested in co-creation of Antonius – it would be good practice for when they set up their own fractal of Synergy Hub, and we could benefit from their participation. Apparently Nico brought me here with this in mind, though I didn’t really pay attention to his motives. He’s such an engaging fellow! He’s out on his motorcycle right now, to buy a new cellphone; a 45 minute ride each way so, better I just wait this one out (& an opportunity to write this!)

4 weeks until I have to leave (at the beginning of June) or get a residency permit. Anthony said he’s working on it so I’m not worrying (much). I have been thinking that I should ask my good friend Karin Lindemann (of Four Worlds International Institute (Europe) if she has a contact in South Dakota for the Gathring of Eagles because I could go to Eastern Canada for three weeks before dropping down into the States for that on June 28 (Karin has been such a wonderful friend on this trip, making me a part of the family and letting me use her bathtub. She’s generous and thoughtful and I look forward to our next circle.) but  if I don’t tell people I’m interested in coming, I won’t be able to do anything!

But I don’t really know yet  if I am… Yan is off in Portugal homeschooling his daughters while their mom goes out to work, so he’ll use Skype to join us in circle with Jillian. His email yesterday was pretty clear he’s feeling disconnected. I feel like I want to go down to Portugal so we can work together for a change – I’ll make that decision next week after I’ve had a chance to talk and work with Jillian and everyone.

And then there’s Noomap – they are a very interesting group working on an overarching computer network like what I envisioned for Our Heart Gardens. Noomap is a new technology that maps things in order to connect individuals and groups with interests, intentions, skills and resources and/or needs that scream out “Synergize me!” I’ve been very impressed with Chris Larcombe’s recent presentation of Noomap and look forward to more. It’s a fractal world and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Nico, my host, is now part of Noomap, and of United Earth, and had some difficulty with deciding how to divide his energies for the greatest good. He spent his time trying to find a place for the Noomap team to spend the next 3 weeks because they have jobs to do, that they need to concentrate together on, and don’t have a place. They have said they’d like to have me join them, and I would love to. We wanted to be close to Yan in Portugal but the places cost double our budget – now it must be figured out but the question is – where? We are hoping for an invitation to manifest… we have visions of a caravan and canopies and draperies gently flapping in the breeze.

IMG_0342.JPGThis is Nico and Vera and Gregor. What lovely people, thoughtful and fun!

I could be all wound up with my energy going in 7 different directions but I’m putting it aside for the main part, and having a very good time. I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? (though I could use some focus!) After dinner and drinks at an open air pub last night, Nico and I went dancing. I was a bit of a sensation (I don’t know what they see, looking at me, judging by the reactions I got)(all positive!) I didn’t feel (too) awkward being bowed to, with full flourish – the young man should have had a big hat with a feather! And I’m happy to say that I have once again survived dancing in a mosh-pit!

Life is so much fun!