Following the Signs

by Shannon McArthur

Taking with me the lessons of the past, setting my nose to the trail of guidance from Above, I have landed here in The Hague, in the Netherlands, Europe. What a whirl it has been!

It all started when… oh my, I guess it was before that! OK…

Last year I flew across the Atlantic for the first time – because of working online with United Earth on their website and the COM21 Conference of Movements, they invited me to come to Rotterdam to co-host the conference. More than that, they asked me to meet them in Paris to interview some of the people who had come to be a part of COP21, people involved in the Movements that we wanted to invite to COM21 in Rotterdam after the Paris event was over. I’ve spoken about my experiences there in a previous post. I want to talk now about what happened after I got home to Kamloops with an invitation to return to Rotterdam…

Choices – how do YOU make them? Do you make lists of pros and cons? Do you think about what it will be like to live in your new choice? to leave behind the familiar and strike out anew? How will you get around, where will you live – how will you survive, let alone thrive?

I did… I did all of that. And then I threw my hands in the air and said, “You need to tell me; I can’t make this decision alone!” I surrendered to Spirit, knowing that any decision that I make alone would never be as good as one made with the support of that part of me that is more than me. And it wasn’t long before I got my answer!

My mind was churning as I was leaving an evening with “The Ladies” (Mom and a couple of our lady-friends) – the evening’s conversation whirled around their wishes to have me stay or, if I went, what would it take; what would it mean? Should I stay or should I go?

As I emerged from Mom’s building into the brightly lit parking lot, there was a soft snow falling. I was startled by the beauty: the fresh blanket of pure white snow brilliant under the lights, the falling sparkles bright against the black night sky. Walking out of the shadow of the building I was embraced by the light of the full moon and was reminded of a night long ago. I’ve written about it, a time when I was about 15 when my heart flew to the Moon and I made a promise that I would answer Her call when it came. I was reminded of that promise and I realized – this was it – the time had come… To be the person I believed I was, I had to answer the call.

Sitting here in the sunny living room of a Dutch family with a borrowed laptop is a testament to the validity of that decision. All the things that have happened have been less stressful because of knowing: although I walk alone, I am not alone. If there was only one thing that I could get across to people, it would be: there is no separation; it only feels like we’re alone! My adventures have been so very exciting, and more than I would have dared because I know this, and I hope you find the courage to trust that there will be signs to follow, if you just ask and watch for the answers.

What happened between the decision and here? I packed up all my cares and woes, singing low… No, no, no!  I had a great time being loved by my friends and family and then packed up what I wanted and loaned or gave the rest away to friends and family, gave up my apartment and moved in with Mom for a couple of days. Then we went on a cruise!!

In my mind the classic “family” thing to do has always been to go on a cruise. I never dreamed I’d really go because it’s expensive and my mom and I were not friendly for a long time and my brother has his own family and my dad’s passed on. But when I retired they gave me a retirement bonus, my mom and I reconnected and the opportunity presented itself. My brother still wasn’t interested (and Dad can drop in anytime he wishes!) so Mom and I and a couple of other women signed up. When I made the decision to go to Rotterdam, it was just days after the final date for cancellation of the cruise so, gee, I had to go or forfeit the deposit. While it would have been comforting to have the money for this trip, it seemed I was supposed to do both! Being here now, I’m very glad I went – I know that for Mom the time & trip were everything she has dreamed of since she traveled with her mom, and for me, I now have wonderful memories of traveling with my mom… full circle to the next generation. I guess that’s a spiral, isn’t it?!

Three days after we landed from the Panama cruise I took off for Rotterdam, via Calgary and London. Through Mom’s needs, I had learned on the Panama trip about dealing with physical limitations and the benefits of using airport wheelchairs. With my sore feet, and being directionally challenged, I’d never have made my connections. Because of their help, I  never felt lost and always was well cared for. There is an element of powerlessness that I had to fight down once in awhile but knowing that their purpose was to help me made me willing to be patient and allow it all to unfold. I also learned that I need to pay more attention what airlines I’m booked on, and to the different rules of different airlines – the local airline between London and Rotterdam allows only a modest amount of fluids (anything spreadable!) I had to allow much of my creams, lotions, shampoo, etc., to be thrown out because I couldn’t take it with me. Lesson learned (take a different airline!)

In Rotterdam I was not met as expected and I had cancelled my phone before we went cruising. I did, however, have the free wifi of airports everywhere (that I have been) so I messaged my friends. Waiting gave me time to catch up on emails, rest my weary self, and before very long I was whisked away to the old university where some of us gathered until the scattering that landed me in this Dutch haven. Because of this dispersal-adventure that seemed so disruptive and possibly tragic, I’ve seen more of Holland than those whom I’m joining tomorrow (they’ve been here weeks longer than me) and I am very glad to have had the experience. I have walked a dyke between lakes so large that a windmill on the far shore was barely a finger-width high. I circled with powerful beautiful women in a house with glass walls. I have walked up and down steps so steep they would be called a ladder back where I come from! walked a beach so big I can’t think how to describe it! spent time with a family with different customs and speech but the same body language and vocal inflection that I’ve been used to all my life; slept in an attic, and with revolutionaries, and reveled in the genius of singular minds meeting, and tomorrow night I will sleep in the basement of a bakery. I am homeless – and thrilled with it!

It helps, I’m sure, knowing that I have resources and people who could rescue me, and for that I am eternally grateful. Without that safety net I could never have made the decisions I’ve made – and I believe it is important I do what I’m doing. What I do empowers others; and what we do empowers even more people. It is empowered people who will make the difference as we go forward.

Going forward there shall be peace – I received the promise (and wrote about it). If we keep doing our best we will achieve it, though not by our planning and efforts alone. There are too many variables for any human to arrange such a huge thing, but it cannot be done without our choosing it. Our lives are the warp and the weft of the fabric of time within which we live – all of us together – and the more we act together, the stronger the fabric is. To this time, we have not had a way to see what has been done by a few for the love of power/money. With the internet, not only do we see more, we are able to come together to counter the actions of those who work only for themselves or their groups.

United Earth is working with people developing a new internet technology that cannot be controlled by those in power. We are reaching out to grassroots leaders talking about alternative ways of operating in this world. We’re going to be starting a network of grassroots media so we can know what’s REALLY going on out there! We have been spoonfed “news” that suited the “suits” and have had no idea of what is really real! Since before the ’60s we’ve been talking about being sheep since but haven’t had the power to do anything about it – now we do! And we’re doing it, as best and as fast as we can.

It was being in the middle of a conversation, what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls “supra-sexual” engagement, that ignited my passion and led me here. She describes it to be what comes after procreation – it is co-creation! Meant for more than two, it gives us something new, different and exciting for this time when humanity is larger than our Earth can support. It is what I long for; what I moved for; what I want always around me – we are co-creating Synergy Hub 1, a living example of the sharing economy where people do what they are inspired to, and little else! It’s amazing what people are inspired to do…

It is imagined that, like a tree seeks balance by growing symetrically, humanity will create balance within the entirety of itself by each of us making our choices based on our own inner guidance.