My Mom is a Village Builder

by Shannon McArthur

Being unaware of the term, she wouldn’t call herself one, but being a ‘village builder’ is the underpinnings of who she is. A deep desire to have happy engaged people around her, she does everything possible to make it happen. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic at times, she always has everybody’s best interests at heart. I watch her now, in her seniors community, as she helps the less able and encourages the weary ones, arranges this and coordinates that. She provides the best example of a Village Builder that I could have.

A long list of inspirations has brought me, most recently, Our Heart Gardens and The Red Garden and the Provisional Grandmothers & Supporting Women’s Council of the Indigenous Peoples UN, and now Jon Young’s Village Builders. Shore Charnoe, of the PGM&SW Council, gave me two transcripts of the course he developed over the last 30+ years in which he teaches what Mom does instinctively. He believes it is a human imperative that enables us to be happy and successful, individually and collectively, and that by encouraging  connections with nature and each other, we encourage the desire for right action for the Earth, all our relations and the next seven generations. Shore thought I would resonate with his platform and she was right, but there was a problem.

The transcripts were difficult to read. There were many terms of speech that don’t come across well in print: like, you know, run-on sentences… I found it so difficult to concentrate that I decided to edit the text as I read it. I thought that, if I sent it to Shore, she could offer it to Jon and the worst that could happen was that he would be offended and not let me have any more transcripts. Instead, he was very pleased and wants me to continue because the course is being considered for a Masters program! Even better, it is something the PGM&SW Council can offer in exchange for providing the course to our members.

I really feel the movement of Spirit in my life and am glorying in it. Not that it’s easy – it isn’t! Trying to maintain my home, my body, my friends and my projects requires me to stay in the moment and be aware of all that is going on, and I do it best by staying connected, as Jon prescribes and Mom models.