Earth Dreaming for Gaia Guidance

by Shannon McArthur

A retreat from life as it is, take time to go outside and ask inside, and listen to answers, was hosted by Joanna Powell-Colbert & James Wells. To Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island, WA, we each brought a vivid and powerful dream to work with, in between enjoying good things like connecting to Nature (beach and forest) and eating.

We analysed and icon-ized our dreams, and tarot cards were drawn for each element of the dream that invited investigation. My dream was The Driving Dream and I drew cards from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell-Colbert. We first read the cards in the usual way, then read them again, changing it from personal to a reading for Gaia, The World.

The Driving Dream Spread

In the picture, the card at the far left is from the Oracle of Initiation deck by Mellissae Lucia. While she shared the story of its creation a deck was passed around the circle for each of us to pick a card (given to us to keep – thank you, Mellissae!) My card is Discovery and the Greek Guardian associated with it is Artemis, twin sister of Apollo. She is the Goddess of the Hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth and sovereignty; she is “the stainless maiden”. I am glad to have her help for I am on the hunt for the right way to defend Gaia’s wild places, to provide food and shelter for Her children. In the picture, it seems she says “Follow me…”

Starting at the top: a card for the Earth (1), and then the dream…

Driving alone down a long straight road across a dark open countryside toward a flat horizon (2). I see an exit, 90° off to the right – I don’t want to go that way but the car takes the turn (3). I fight the wheel hard to keep going straight but the car is determined to make the turn and as I fight the wheel, my speed increases, faster and faster. The brakes don’t work and panic strikes (4). Half-way round the corner, the car flies off the road. Soaring through the air between skeletal (unfinished?) highrises (5), I see garbage bins (6) below me. I wait, with dread, for the sudden stop. Flying like a juggernaut, like a bullet, I keep waiting for it, but it doesn’t come (7). Instead, I find myself in an airy white room (8) with a feeling of elevation, big windows through which I see only sky and clouds. It’s like the top floor of a lab or research facility, and I’m sitting there with a couple of young people dressed in white, in front of a white desk or table holding a white computer, trying to explain what happened. They seem skeptical (9) and keep asking me to repeat things. I awake…  The last card (10) is a summary, or conclusion card.

Reading the cards for guidance for Gaia, and for us all:

  1. The World’s card is The Teacher, and the teacher often learns at least as much as the student. As Her children and part of Her, we are also learning – Gaia is both learning and teaching. We are all being schooled!
  2. Ace of Water – newly hatched salmon, one of a school, on his way to the sea, following his instincts and his heart through a dark landscape toward the flat ocean. Do you see humanity in this? I do!
  3. The Lovers – mechanical things like cars are attractive desires that are changing the direction of our World. Sometimes the choices of our hearts lead us down treacherous paths!
  4. Death – the result of allowing the love of machines to steer our course. While the boat is wrecked, there is new growth and sunshine sparkling on the waters – death of humanity isn’t the end of the World.
  5. The Builder – completing our unfinished or damaged highrises so they can shelter us. I see this as encouragement to continue promoting Our Heart Gardens, indoor organic communal gardens in re-purposed buildings, and gathering existing similar places into a network that can feed and support our people, give them good things to do and share traditional and new knowledge.
  6. Justice – Repair the damage to Gaia’s systems or we will end up in the garbage. The background of this card shows extinct and endangered species and the figure asks us to compare the weight of our heart to that of a feather. My heart is very heavy with the knowledge of what we have done to our home – our Mother. We must make amends!
  7. The Canoe – through the work we do, our struggle to steer and paddling hard, we can glide safely onward, between the hazards.
  8. 5 of Water – She waits for something, perhaps a vision in her skrying bowl of how she will reach the boat. We must be patient, endure, and seek guidance from Spirit (whatever name we prefer).
  9. Elder of Fire – Powerful magic is available if we explain ourselves well, speaking our truth. The Voodoo Wise-woman says the magic, the fire is within us… within humanity, and we must find and invoke it!
  10. The Summary: Elder of Air – he plays his own notes, finds his own tune, and plays the music he hears in his heart in his own way, as he stands sovereign and comfortable in his clothes, comfortable in his environment. He learned a lot living through all his challenging adventures, and all is peaceful around him.

While knowing, as I do, that the cards speak truths that we must be willing and open to hear, I think the truths in this reading are quite accessible, clear and consistent with the ‘facts’. We are learning while travelling a dark path; cars are diverting us from the way we need to go, the way that will support our bodies, our planet. The struggle to choose differently will be hard and sometimes the actions we try won’t be effective (brakes don’t work) but our decisions and actions will determine if we wind up in the garbage bins or peacefully playing our own special music. By trying really hard (paddle like warriors on a quest) we can navigate the hazards, buoyed up by our Mother, to a place where we can look back and wonder how we actually did it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to look deeper into this dream, for the opportunity to see it from the larger perspective its intensity invited and now, to share it with you, All My Relations.  May it strengthen your resolve and encourage you for the road ahead…

Bless you, and all you do…
Shannon McArthur, Sunshine Spark-ling on the Waters