Surprise! A new direction…

by Shannon McArthur

As pumped as I am about Our Heart Gardens, there is something that I must do first. The UN has requested that an Indigenous Peoples United Nations (IPUN) be formed – the men have asked that a Provisional Grandmothers Council be formed to guide them, consistent with traditional ways. I have accepted the invitation to be on the council. This is, I believe, the work I came here to do. And is there ever work to be done!

Coordination is the first thing and Shore Charnoe is just the woman for the job. Her abilities have astounded all of us as she herds this bunch of cats, urging us toward a blending of skills, experience, visions and ideas. I’m not going to introduce the rest because there are just so many – perhaps they will comment, say a little something to introduce themselves.

The work before us entails blending documents of desires and demands, hurts and hopes, into various new documents for signature by nations and individuals, with sovereignty being one of the goals. Another is to bring the 4 races together “like the fingers of one hand” so we go forward together, as has been prophesied for thousands of years. Other prophesies have come true, like the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle (papers signed in April) that presages the coming of a New Spring after 500 years of Winter. As welcome as the warmer weather now is, it cannot be as welcome as the Spring of prophesy will be – actually, IS… Always turbulent, spring is the time for ice melting, earth moving, new growth, new hope. The Winter has seen great progress in technology and population – good resources to be re-formed into what we need to carry us forward into a great Summer when we all can be Sparkling With All.

Update:  IPUN and the Grandmother’s & Supporting Women’s Council has had a parting of ways. They each find their way forward as best they can and will walk separate paths until such time as relationships are repaired. Until then, and always, I am doing the best I can to follow the path before me. Chief Phil Lane Jr. says Indigenous Wisdom holds that “By walking the path you make it visible for others.” I say, “As I step forward the stepping stone forms, and it solidifies as I place my weight upon it – my path becomes visible by walking it.” Now I see that my stepping stones are being laid beside others’ stones and they are not stepping stones but paving stones and the path is becoming a road more traveled and a highway to heaven.