What Should I do Next?

by Shannon McArthur

Prognostication has been used as long as people have desired to know the future.  Tarot cards have been used by people like kings and gypsies, and from stockbrokers to teenage girls. It’s a good replacement for the way Mother Nature (or God or whatever name you prefer) communicated with us when we still lived connected to the land. We don’t notice now, the direction the geese fly and reading cards are much more acceptable than entrails! The ideas and archetypes presented in the cards is a language in which that Higher Being is fluent, and when we engage our subconscious, we can apply the wisdom depicted in the cards to our questions and our lives.

A spread of the Gaian Tarot last month, asking what I should do next, resulted in the advice to consult or follow a map. Humph, life doesn’t come with such a thing…

I just finished an on-line course (Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart) through the Shift Network by Scilla Elsworthy of Rising Women Rising World. The final exercise is to make a map!! I love the synchronicity! It will focus my energy toward realizing the full potential of Our Heart Gardens for the short term, and going forward too!

Answering the question “What Should I do Next?” the layout has 1 through 4 as the shaft of an arrow, 5 and 6 (on either side being the barbs) indicate who to listen to and not, and 7, 8 and 9 are the arrowhead,  a general assessment of what to do with 8 being the point (for me, my map!) My spread is as follows:

  1. Now: Child of Air – learning and wondering about this new thing (How does it fly? Our Heart Gardens as bits of brilliance swirling, hard to catch hold of!)
  2. My Fear: 16 Lightning – sudden catastrophe causing great turmoil
  3. Where to go: Explorer of Earth – follow the trail of what I seek, look to the Earth
  4. Obstacles: Ace of Earth – waiting, I could wait too long, be too timid
  5. Go To For Advice: 3 The Gardener – She who owns the garden, offers bounty and ease
  6. Not to: Elder of Air – He who plays his own song, alone.
  7. Guardian of Fire – tend my flame, the hearthfire of the people
  8. 7/Air – consult a plan to reach the goal (the point, or tip of the arrow)
  9. Ace/Fire – break out of the shell and breathe, grow till transformation!

Somehow, while it felt good, it just didn’t feel finished. A question came to mind: How can I best prepare? and as I shuffled, a card fell from the deck – 5/Water. Challenge of Emotion. She sits with her empty bowl looking out to sea while a boat floats just out of her view… A question comes: As I am she, how do I turn my head? Hmm… What will result from my meeting this challenge successfully… No. That’s not right…  How will I benefit from meeting the challenge? No… That’s not right either…  Back to the first one: How do I turn my head? and I draw a card: Guardian of Air She says: get clear on what you want and how you get it… and listen to the messages the Owl brings from Spirit (see above The Point of the Arrow! MAKE A PLAN!)

2015-03-16 20.09.10

2015-03-16 20.24.40

And then I looked again at the last 2 cards:

As I sit (she sits) there wondering how to prepare, I realize I am looking directly at the answer…
The Guardian of Air says: Listen, get clear, make the map/plan, then get to it!

Yes, Ma’am!

Now, having finished the course and got my final homework, I know all will be revealed if I just have patience! (and make a map!)

Bless you, and all you do…

Shannon McArthur
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters