World Water Day – 2015

by Shannon McArthur

On March 22, next Sunday, after the Equinox and the Supermoon Total Eclipse of the Sun on the 20th, will be International World Water Day.  A day to celebrate the unifying source of all life on our little blue marble.  Let’s all give a heartfelt “YAHOO!!!”  You can add your will to the wave around the World at 3:00 pm your time, wherever you are!  You can organize an event of your own!  Or you can join the Unify Global Meditation and Wave of Action web event.  This is so BIG, and getting bigger…

I remember a time in my teens when I decided I didn’t like water. Didn’t drink it. Didn’t swim in it. Barely bathed – only showered when I had to. It was not a good time for me. When I think about that time I think, how lucky I am that mothers are tolerant of their children’s phases! Like children do, I grew out of that and accepted the necessity of water. Recently I’ve become aware of the greater role that water has in my life – in your life… in ALL LIFE!

There are wonderful jewels strewn through YouTube and a couple have opened my world to the wonder of water. I love this short film with a couple of outstanding actors that explains quickly the outstanding findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto on the effect of thoughts on water. Another video is by a long-bearded grey-haired kinesiologist, Dev Khalsa, who shows how to activate water yourself. So I’ve been applying my will to my water – when I told a friend, she told me of a tradition handed down mother to child by First Nations. Take a glass of water to bed with you and say a prayer over it before you drink half. In the morning do the same. Simple and easy, and yet it means so much to the One that you say it to. If you are a mother, you know…

Think about it, please… We are One in Water – without it, we die. It is the amniotic fluid of the Mother giving life to Her Child.

Give back to Her your love – each drop you drink, think… Love and gratitude, Great Mother! Thank you, I love You!


Each drop spreads throughout the Water of the World, like food colouring in a glass of water. Power follows intention. As we will it, so be it!  This is so exciting!  YAHOO!!!