Adventure with a Dragon

by Shannon McArthur

I’m taking a very interesting course designed, partly, to help me access and use my personal power. The assignment was to communicate with my dragon (the one that won’t let me sleep after waking in the middle of the night): 2 chairs facing each other, switching from one to the other – no. It’s not 3:00 in the morning and there’s no angst… I need a hook.

I’ve been doing guided meditations for sleep on YouTube, so I searched and found a video “Meet your Dragon” by Gary Ormond. He’s a bit fast for me but he brought me to the right place and called the dragon; then I paused him so I could have the time I needed. When our conversation was done, I turned him back on again. Here’s what happened for me.

An air dragon came, and I asked her for her name. She told me. I asked her if she had a message for me and, as I was told I might be, was surprised by the answer. She told me “You are a baby.” I’m 58 years old but who am I to argue with a dragon? Besides, she’s way older than me! I breathed out “yes…”

I asked her, “What is the the jewel beneath your foot, beneath my foot?” I breathed while I waited for the answer. The images of the reality of the World as it is, painted so graphically in blunt clear words yesterday flew across my mind’s eye and I revisited the injustice, and the pain, and the horror – of war and every day life, and I hurt deeply – but I was not enraged. I was helpless. There was no power there… But when I saw the clear and present danger of the eternal plastic floating alongside the man, crossing the ocean again in his little boat after 10 years, totally alone and unvisited this time by ANY of Our Mother’s creatures, did I feel the snarl of anger – the kindling of fire.

I remembered what we had been told – the answer can often be seen in the things I do that bother me, as it is mirrored in me that which sets me off. Yes, I breathed, yes, that is the jewel within the claws of the dragon! That is what I am enflamed by – the waste! of resources, of love, of life. That’s what I do that bothers me – I waste the resource of time. Sometimes it is down-time, what we all need, but not always, and I justify my choices – but it doesn’t change how I feel about the waste of such a limited luxury. I know I do better when I have a worthy goal – and I have to not push myself too hard because I can hurt myself. I can hurt others too, if I push too hard, but if I apply the power of the jewel with precision and love, I can make magic!

I thanked her, “I know now the source of my greatest power; it is rooted in my love of She Who Sustains Us. It is my love for Her and the Gifts She gives that I can use to make a difference in the lives of the people I share the Gifts with. The rage I feel when confronted with the waste and disrespect of the Gifts and the Giver is the fire I breathe to change the World.”

I think there’s something about quality too… It is a waste to use resources for a mediocre product and, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right – I can find errors in writing like nobody’s business! It also is respect, though. Respect the medium, and the audience, enough to do it with precision and clarity… hmmm… while I have the ability, others don’t.  It’s a gift!

As are you, Sweet Reader! and I thank you for being here… you are, aren’t you?  Please comment so I know!

Bless you, and all you do…

Shannon McArthur, Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters