A Timely Tale from My Dog, Jake

by Shannon McArthur

My prophesiedog has been wanting to share his favourite story with you all and in this season of gift giving and wishes for peace on earth, it’s his turn. I hope you enjoy Jake’s story and his joyful self. His love wraps around all of us now, as he waits on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…

Just before we get down to it, I want to thank you for sharing, spending, your time here with me since the start of this blog. My adventure has had such huge personal meaning and to share it with you has given it a bigger meaning, maybe as it was meant to. All our lives are important, and more important with the sharing of them. Every moment is an opportunity to appreciate the gift that has been created specially and specifically for each one of us, the present that is NOW… the present moment. Thank you for sharing your now with me!

Jake The Dog Shares His Tale

May the peace in your heart grow so big that it enfolds all who gather close, or reach out from afar. Bless you, and all you do…

and have a tasty holiday season!