The Next Right Step

by Shannon McArthur

I thought business was doing, not learning! But I was wrong; I’m learning! I’m going to tell you just HOW wrong, and then something about the Tarot Counselling For Self and Others course, just finished, and the next course I’m taking, the decision made because of getting on that High Flying Disc Abraham keeps talking about (don’t know about that? Google it, dears!) When you’re flying, the decisions are easy! And you talk really fast!

It’s when you stop to think that things get complicated! And doing paperwork demands thinking… There was some slogging through the mud to be done, and there’s more to come, but now I know where I’m headed and the route is being formed even as I sit here typing…

Getting the business running was a challenge (I thought I was ready!) but I haven’t had to learn so much since I was a baby! Even the first day of school was a walk in the park compared to this! Not that I’m complaining, mind you. At least it’s my stuff I’m learning! Setting up a records system while learning product knowledge and doing sales parties while not knowing (yet) what I’m talking about, and placing orders. Also reading cards and taking a course in tarot counselling and having a birthday and isn’t that enough for me? Oh no, I had to go and get a sinus infection! Sometimes you have to get sick to stop flying long enough to get your bearings and take off again, wahoo!

It seems that it helps to put yourself in a situation within which you MUST learn, to get any quality content in your life. I’d never thought about it that way, until now, but looking back on my history… There were fallow times, when I did not learn anything new and while they weren’t hard, they didn’t have much excitement either. I was safe; not making decisions was definitely a safe choice and it was a good choice at the time. Sometimes I wonder if I could have… But I didn’t and there are no “do-overs”. (Keep that in mind, all you wonderers out there!)

There has come a new time in my life now – a time to make choices. The first clue came because of discomfort. I was cold. The only way I could sit in front of my fireplace was to strong-arm my big chair to face it but then it sat in the middle of the room. There had been a couple other times when my arrangement rankled but my furniture is big and heavy… and… and… There were a lot of reasons why not but finally the camel’s back broke and I decided to rearrange everything. I’ve got my feet to the fire as I write! Bliss! The rest of the place is only 70 percent instead of 80 but it will get closer to 100 as time goes on, and I’ve got work to do. Better than sitting without making a choice in a situation that is less than perfect.

The need for choices in business and home decor are nothing compared to the soul angst that comes when a pivotal opportunity presents itself and you’re not up to making the choice. Ok, I mean me, I was not up to the choice. I had more excuses than reasons but I kept having the choice come knocking at my door. Have you ever had that happen? Perhaps you don’t know what I’m raving on about. Let me try to be a little clearer… Initially, I was galvanized with the concept and even made some steps in the right direction but then had a “cooling off period” that gave me time to think… Remember I mentioned thinking above? Yah, well, I stepped right off that HFD and started thinking of all the reasons why it wouldn’t be a good thing. I can be quite creative that way! There was a second opportunity to listen to the people involved talking about the concept and while I was still interested, it didn’t grab me the same way. It still called to me though. The opportunity could be a furthering of my life’s purpose, maybe… I thought.

So I consulted my tarot cards. A couple times. I got lots of data but not the information I needed. I needed to know about how not to waste my, nor others’ time; I needed to know whether this choice would take me further along my path or if it would turn out to be a dismal disappointment. I’ve made my choice because of the guidance I got from Spirit through my classmates in James Wells’ course: Tarot Counselling For Self and Others. Erin and Ted, thank you. And the rest of you, too! We are, at heart and to each other, the best tarot counsellors in the world! Yay, us!

Oh, so you wonder what the big decision is? Let me lead you on a little more, k? Foundation is so important! Through this blog I’ve told you about some of the magic that has happened in my life, like how I got my Cool Car and the message written in stones. Well, it’s that one in particular that I want to bring to your mind because, for me, that tells you where my heart is: Going Forward, there shall be Peace. And “A Voice For Spirit” tells of my passion and desire to speak great truths. I have felt a deep knowing that I would be given the opportunity and, I’m going out on a limb here, I think my next step to the realization of that is within my grasp. And I don’t have to do it alone. You can come too! Yay, US!

All of us can be a part… WILL be part of the end result (Peace on Earth) so I’m inviting you to join me on the course: Indigenous Wisdom For Compassionate Living and Unified Action. It is the culmination of Chief Phil Lane’s 45 years of study and consultation with 100 other Indigenous Elders world-wide. These wise people have knowledge and history and connection to Spirit that underpins and surpasses anything in today’s world – and they want what we all want and are willing to stand up and say so. I’m going to stand up now! I invite you, stand with us… come to:  Indigenous Wisdom for Compassionate Living and Unified Action