My Business – A New Entity is Born

by Shannon McArthur

Exciting times! I’ve started my business – well, actually it’s in the birthing stage… I’ve got a business name and license, tag-lines and intention. I know what I want to do. The who-to and how-to are yet to be nailed down.  I’ve got lots to work through and this is part of that process… Welcome to the whirlwind that is my mind! First I’d like to get you up to speed, set out some of the parts of my life that support my concept, then we’ll see what comes up.

During the second decade of my life, my mother sold Sarah Coventry Jewelry through at-home parties and I was occasionally allowed to attend, and assist. A 10 year old girl standing in front of a group of women, telling them how to wear jewelry to best effect – it made an impact! I was also involved in the other side of her business, helping her track the Fashion Show Directors that she recruited into the business. Watching this dynamic woman motivating and managing her people created in me a desire to be admired and consulted, just like her. But I followed another of her professions, clerical work. My vehicle had not arrived…

There have been times in my life when I wore no makeup and other times when I hit the other end of the spectrum, even sporting a “spot” at one time, like a ’40s femme fatale! I was dancing up a storm and having a ball, then! But life took a right-angle corner; being hit by a car and finding out I was pregnant would do that! I moved back to my home town for the support of my family. Mom’s boyfriend was a tall slim young black hairstylist and we had some of the best party times ever. Mom was more a friend than a mom then. It was wonderful and I feel privileged to know that side of her. My brother had trained as a hairstylist too and was part of the scene; he was MC at a fashion-show one night that I’ll never forget. He reminded me of Count Dracula, with his coat flung about his shoulders, and he turned out to be a really good speaker!

We were quite a family and my heart broke when I realized that I could not support my child into it. I had no way to earn the money to raise him as he deserved. As I let them take him away, I named him Christian, Child of God. On the third day, I made it his middle name and gave him Michael as his first; MCM are good initials, I thought. The rules required three names and the papers to be signed the third day after birth, even though that is emotionally the hardest time for all moms. My heart is still not mended, and may never be because I decided to let him find me, if that is his wish. I may not fit the image of the person he wants his mom to be, and that is his choice, the only gift I can give him now.

My point here is that I know how important image is – as primary as Spirit IS (like a mom/dad!), I believe our life-experience is AS important, because it is through our experience that Spirit grows; we are the Child, getting to know our Parents as we live our lives and grow Our-Selves around the kernel, the germ, the seed that is Them.

Yes, Spirit is important to me. Sometimes I feel like a cilia waving about in the currents of reality with my connection to Mother Earth and Source a bit flimsy, so having a way to make it feel stronger helps. Tarot is the tool I use. The cards help me hear my Inner Counsellor, that part of me that is intimately connected to Source. Reading for others is the way I’ve found that Spirit can speak through me, how I can be the Voice I promised to be.

What all this leads to is the business I’m bringing to life. I couldn’t get the name I wanted (would not allow Spark in any form!) so I have simply: Shannon’s Enterprises. I like it. Doesn’t say much but that’s what taglines and advertising are for. Which I have to do anyway, as I’ve discovered by sitting waiting at the Golden Buddha for a client to wander in. Feels a bit like fishing without a hook! But what is my hook? I’m not just a reader of cards –

I’m not your grandmother’s fortune-teller!

How’s that for a tagline?  Here’s another:

Conversations with Spirit through the Gaian Tarot

But still, that doesn’t address the other part of my business – yes, there’s more! We were talking about the importance of image… Here’s the next tagline:

Helping you become your most beautiful self, inside and out

I finally found the makeup I’ve been looking for all my life and it’s sold through at-home parties… sound familiar? Yes, it’s exactly what I did with Mom when I was a kid! All the skin-care products have a patented anti-ageing complex and stays on until you take it off. And the lipcolour doesn’t kiss-off, smudge-off or rub-off – and it lasts 4-18 hours!

LipSense by SeneGence

I believe my ship has come in – but things are more complicated now, and it’s taking time to get my head around the details. I need to do some advertising because I need clients, but I have to invest intelligently, carefully. New ground is breaking (above, I trust – not below!)

So that’s the birth so far. I really want to hear from you, and invite you to hit the comment button below. Let’s have some exchange of thoughts and ideas here! Talk to me…