What Was It The Crow Found?

by Shannon McArthur

photo (1)

Ah, Grasshopper, if I knew for sure, I’d tell you. The answer could be is as easy as “a heart,” or we could look deeper. The message in performance art is rarely simple, and in this case (Surgeon Crow), how could it be simple when it was given by a crow?  Traditionally, Crow is a messenger of Spirit!

The message is formed of many parts that have melded together to form the pearl. The clues to what the ingredients are, are held in the cauldron of the life of the watcher, the Storyteller. As with the story of the message of the stones (previous post: A Promise From Mother Earth), I don’t think this is for just one person. Let’s work it out together, shall we?

What ingredients have gone into that cauldron?  Her childhood and youth, her schooling and her life lessons, the choices she made when life got tough. There was a shot of adventure, and a good dollop of foolish, lots of laughter and a leavening of failure and depression.  It could have spoiled the brew but a spice of hope and a little dog’s love carried it through the critical phase and created a new, more complex and balanced, well-rounded flavour.

Grasshopper: But that doesn’t tell us enough, does it? From what type of branch did she form, and fall from? Which life lessons and choices were part of the mix? I’ve never heard of that kind of leavening! What kind of spices – what dog?

Oh, the questions!! Let me see if I can provide a whiff of an idea about each of them. She knew love as a child and was taught about gardening by her Oma. That’s important because the worm lived in the soil. The knowledge she gained through her lessons and life made her aware that what appeared on the surface was not all that was going on. Something very powerful underlay everything and it was even more important. It made her aware of the performance that Crow was giving, and it made her wonder – it was from the wonder that the poem was born! Romantic love was part of the mix, else where would the answer come from, to the question of its use? A black pearl for a black crow girl – how perfect! There was certainly lots of laughter and foolish behind that tasty bit.

And then there’s the failure and the depression. She was created with an ethic that required her to give value. When she was required to work without giving value, her spirit broke and her laughter died. She tried to fix it and failed. She fell into a deep dark well for a long time, until she hit bottom and broke. But it was really a re-breaking, an opportunity to put the pieces back together but in the right places. In that experience are the last ingredients – putting it together over time. Without the cooking time, no melding happens!  It’s just a lot of ingredients lying there on top of each other. You have to give it a stir, look at what’s in the pot, add what you think and wait.

Grasshopper: What about the dog? There was a dog; I remember you said there was a dog!  

Yes, there was a dog but that story hasn’t been told yet. We don’t want to get ahead of the Storyteller!  Be sure, that story will come, just like the one about her Cool Car, and others; be patient, Grasshopper! Let’s look at what we’ve got in the pot and think about what else would be necessary to create the pearl, the message…

Ahh, hope!  That comes with people, don’t you think? Ancestors as examples, family and friends for the here and now, and the going forward. Lonely is a bitter pill and better not in our pot! Time has enabled hope to gather, and hope is a big part of the value of the message she was designed to deliver.

A little more flavour is needed, don’t you think? A bit about the child, wading in Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters, with a crow in her voice saying “See!” so all would share in the wonder of the starfish in the surf, the Being in the Ocean. And perhaps a wisp of gypsy dancing round the fire… And dreams-that-come-true against-all-odds, would add a je ne sais quoi to the gestalt, don’t you think?

Grasshopper: This is all very good, but I still don’t know what the pearl was! What was it?

Well, she told us in the poem that she figured it out and I know she really wants to tell, but she is shy about sharing so she asked me to say. The pearl, she believes, was formed over time in the body of the worm and when it was ready, he sent out a call to the Crow. And we know what happened when he heard! He was so very careful not to damage the worm too badly and he was so proud of the sphere he found. What is in the world of a worm that could collect in his body in such a way that such a thing could be created? Dirt? Not just dirt; things live in dirt! The worm lives in the dirt, not on the dirt! It is not his food!  He dines on the elements and bacteria that make up the dirt. And the Storyteller believes the pearl is formed from the bacteria.

Why would she think that?  It was the depression, you see. The bacteria is so small, it’s so close to the base of all that is, that it has special properties. It has the ability to counteract the symptoms of Clinical Depression for a whole day within just 15 minutes. The trick is, you have to get it inside your body. People who work in gardens are happy people, aren’t they? They get their dose just being around the soil. The more fertile the soil, the more bacteria is in it and the happier the farmers are!

Grasshopper: But why would Crow bring that message and why’d he take it to his girl?  

Ahha! You agree that’s what he did with it, do you?!  Me too, and I think it’s because she wasn’t feeling well. Perhaps it’s a natural remedy perfect for what ails her! And maybe that’s the message… I don’t think we’re supposed to raise worms for the few black pearls we could harvest but I do think that we could make use of the qualities of the bacteria.  Let me tell you the idea Storyteller has in mind – I think it could be a perfect way to deliver the second best medicine. Do you remember what the best medicine is?  I see you laughing! That’s right! Laughter is the best medicine!

The idea is to convert old shopping malls into community organic gardens. The existing bus systems would transport people and produce, and the buildings and parking lots are perfect for what’s needed. People would gather there to volunteer, meet other people and take home good organic produce. Health services could be provided and a blending of old and young in the passing down of traditions, knowledge and skills… so many other things. While there, they would breathe the rich scent of fertile earth, the smell that holds the bacteria. That would be how the medicine could be delivered.

Isn’t it amazing, Grasshopper, when you think about it? The possibilities that could be created from acting on the Crow’s message… Happy, healthy people working in community to grow enough food to feed everybody. That seems very precious to me!

Grasshopper: Me too! We’ll have fun! When do we start? What are you going to do? I’m going to find new friends…