A Promise from Mother Earth

by Shannon McArthur

10 rules written in stone gave us guidance long ago, and here we are. This promise, also written in stones, urges us onward, on a better path.

Spirit walking sometimes doesn’t start out that way. Sometimes it’s a rant and someone is with you. That’s how it was that day while out walking, placing my feet upon Her body…

Slogging through time by the power of money, I was broken, with clinical depression and borderline diabetes. We were walking through our favourite countryside discussing recent distressing times when I said, “That’s enough, that’s done, let’s talk about better things!” Then, using a phrase I’d never used before, a favourite of someone I admired, left behind, I planted my feet and said with conviction, “Going forward…” and as I looked down to take my next step, my eyes fell upon a rock directly between my toes, a small round white rock with an arrow on it pointing forward, kind of like a button on a computer page. We laughed with wonder – it was an immediate mood changer!

I decided to leave it there (can’t take everything home!) but I was inspired – I think that when Spirit plays with you, it’s important to play too, so I repeated, “Going forward”, took a big prancing step and said, “there”, and another big step, “shall be” and stood on one foot while I looked for the end of the statement, the rest of the message… and didn’t see anything but felt there must be something, otherwise why would I have felt so inspired, and so I looked further, deeper – nothing left, nothing right and – noth…  wha…  Look..!  Really?!

Straight ahead, just off the curve of the path, in among the pebbles and the weeds, was a large round almost-white rock – with a peace sign on it! Not painted on, but cracks and folds and colour changes designed and created by Mother Earth. Then I had to go back to get the little one because no one would believe me otherwise!

Was it meant for me alone? I don’t think so because my personal peace is impossible if you don’t share it too; so, please, know this message is for you too…

Going forward… there… shall be… Peace.  We’ll have to look for it, and use our imagination but it is there waiting for us.

2014-06-15 11.33.34

I believe; share with me!   Blessed be…  All my relations!