Birth – no pain, no gain

by Shannon McArthur

Starting a new life always has some element of pain.  Perhaps it has to do with the need for commitment; if it didn’t cost something, it’d be easy to just give up and start over.  It has taken me a long time to find the instrument upon which to play my own special song, and this is it.  I am committing to it and it will take some learning – that’s the pain.  The pleasure, or gain, is the existence of this new place/thing, envisioned to be where I share the Magic in my life.  My stories and points of view are offered as inspiration, comfort, perhaps a stepping-off place for a gathering of souls as has never before existed.  Humanity and technology have never been here before and I believe it is now possible to consolidate the sparks, that we each are, into something new. SomeONE new?

So often I find the present to be completely different from the future I had imagined. Do you find that too? It seems that movement (choice) is required before anything can happen, and even if it ends up being something other than the original goal, at least it’s different.  Let’s face it, we don’t know what we’re doing when we start anyway, and we learn from mistakes. If we have forward trajectory, mistakes are not setbacks, only sidesteps!

While I don’t know what will result from my efforts here, this birth is happening and I know I have Magic on my side. Let’s find out, shall we?