Sparkling With All

The sparkles of our stories are like candles in the window that draw us together

Solstice – stepping into the light

I’ve  been waiting for something to happen since I was 15. I didn’t know what. I had an experience and it created a faith in me that sometimes I swore I didn’t have, but it has made me make decisions I never would have, otherwise – at least I don’t think I would…

Time for another one! It seems that the time has come for that something to come into the light. I’ve always thought of myself as rather ordinary but things conspired to make me into a rather interesting person with a bunch of very interesting stories. They knock me out. Magic in Ordinary Moments (M.O.M.) If they hadn’t happen to me, I don’t know if I could believe them, but they brought me to now… and I learned a lot.

I got inspired. I did a bunch of videos of some of my stories. Yesterday I made them public. I have more… but this Solstice seems to have influenced me – I felt it would be a good time to shine some light on the magic I have experienced in my life; dreams and a prophesy come true, and the promise I received from Mother Earth, for all of us. I’ve been holding back for a long time and now the time, inspiration and opportunity to tell you…

Now’s the time! (…walking now to centre stage – completely unknowing and trusting…)

(just have to figure out how to …) (ahh…) Here’s the link to my YouTube playlist:



Hello, my friends – I’m on the road!!

I want you to know that I’m moving my blog from WordPress to Patreon. Using their platform, people can donate a very small monthly amount to help me as I travel – please click the link below and read the posts to get updated. It’s a trip!!

I need your help. I’ve only just finished the page, pulling a few posts from before and adding some new ones. Please take a look and tell me what you think. What do you think needs to change? What else would you like to see? What do you think of the names of the “Reward” levels? The concept is a bit confusing – you pick a reward you’d like to pay monthly for; that’s all. It’s just different from anything I’ve ever seen. I like it. I like a lot about Patreon, and a lot about sharing with you. I hope you like what you see, and that you let me know either way.

I’m giving you a sneak peak at the page before I launch it to the world because I know you and love you and would like to launch the page with something more than a zero. If you like what you see and can afford a little bit/month, I’d love to be able to share/talk/write to you…

Tribal Visions Festival 2017 Retrospective

We arrived at Tribal Visions Festival to hugs and kisses from Jessica Joy, the Volunteer Coordinator, who told us Spirit had brought us especially for her–her prayers and magic had brought us through the challenges of engine trouble and accommodation to emerge, just in time, into a welcoming paradise full of fields of tall grasses on rolling hills. JJ was given his choice of how he could contribute and off he went; Jessica (another JJ!) and I went for a walk to talk about mine. She suggested gardening or gathering plantain for the kitchen – or harvesting sage for ceremony. I jumped at that! I love working with herbs, even though I cannot smell them (different story…)

The venue seemed small when we first arrived. I’m glad it wasn’t what I had imagined; as it was, there was more than enough walking! At one end was a circus/play area and a ceremonial dome (the showers were supposed to be there too but never got built–maybe next year); the next field held the tents (and some cars); above that, the parking field and finally, above all, the house. Beside the parking field, moving around the hill, was a small vendors area, Magic Bob’s and the Elders who came to do ceremonies. Further along the path was the sacred fire and the fire of Rev. Yamato The Global Peace Monk, a water altar that I helped Eden decorate, and a tea shoppe. On the lower side of the meadow was the kitchen, Lionfire‘s shamanic tent and a big purple bus where the children played under another dome. The first night we were there was very windy but we’d arranged our camp well and so were able to sleep quite comfortably. Qigong in the ceremonial dome started the next day well; then I harvested more sage and set it to dry up by the house. Later, working at the campsite, I spontaneously decided to take a walk. I was just in time to be in just the right place when the big storm hit–the children’s dome had to be held to the ground or it would have parachuted into the sky on the next gust of wind. Together, six of us grounded the dome. The next day Jessica asked where I’d been during the storm–she had picked up all the sage for me! Our efforts had supported each other–this was a very successful “listening to Spirit” experience for me as there was no strain, no panic, and I was excited to work with others to keep the dome down!

During the festival, people were open and welcoming, full of laughter and fun, forgiving and respectful, appreciative and giving. There were cowboys and hippies and girls in silks; children with their faces painted, and some adults too; hats of all kinds; sunburnt faces and chapped lips; hugs everywhere – some of the best hugs I’ve had. The people I spent time with live with much the same credo as Synergy Hub – living life to the fullest, do what you want, as inspired by Spirit, while respecting and appreciating others and the Earth. I love that the land has been dedicated to the continuation of this mindset since back in the ‘70s. The land is in the care of exceptional people, musicians and singers; Che, Ruth, and others, while the owner (Jai) is overseas. Che’s father enjoyed the music too – a slight wiry elder with a cowboy hat who was often found dancing in the front row!

Music is a major focus here – a large studio is attached to the house. I noticed a lot of activity while I hung sage outside, and the results of that activity were thoroughly enjoyed when they brought their talents to the main stage. Amazingly talented people; and everything seemed to go smoothly. Really, it’s the experience of the festival-goers that counts, and by this criteria, this appeared to be a very successful festival! I’m sure it wasn’t just my experience…

I stepped consciously into the role of Storyteller. Whenever I could I told the prophecy: the Story of the Stones; and at the sacred fire one morning, I spun the tale of the Lifecycle of a God. I shared the story of my name, Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters, and pointed out that we are all Sparks of Our Father, born on Our Mother. I gave out sage from a beautiful basket loaned to me by Jessica. I stepped on stage to recite Crow Surgeon and to share the prayer I wrote for the end of QiGong, the Beauty Way. Finally, I felt my words as seeds, falling on fertile ground.

There was more – I also spent time in their sanctuary, the multi-denominational meditation/altar room for Spirit, in All It’s Forms, that’s the second focus of the house (the music studio is the first, and then there’s the view… OMG!). I told the CannaBuddhist Monk, Robintix, that I was going to my tent to nap; he suggested I lie down in the sanctuary instead. I did. While I did not sleep, he and Andrew played hang-drums; once, a conch was blown and blew all the cobwebs out of me! Then, awhile after, a bell was thoroughly rung, and I was completely wrung out! This sound-bath was one of the best meditations of my life. Then, on our last day, instead of helping JJ pack up (I’ll do better next time), I read tarot cards for many of the people in the house. For me, readings are how I reciprocate, or re/award people for their generosity, their welcome, their love, their music, their gifts… their place and piece of the peace we are all a part of. Nice places like this:

Back when I was in Glastonbury, (was it only 3 months ago?!) a channel told me my guides wanted me to know this is to be my path, and whatever the Rob and JJ decide to do is their stuff–travelling around Turtle Island is supposed to be like a pilgrimage for me. I feel very blessed to travel with these gentle men, fierce in their dedication to the abundant and wonderful reality we are co-creating here on Mother Earth.

Hmm… I like the way that sounds and it’s different from what has been said before. It seems focused on what we have the power to do right now rather than in the future, as does what “we know is possible”. The word co-creating reminds me of a story I heard, about when the European explorers needed to learn the Indigenous language(s); they decided to compile a dictionary. When they came to the word God, the best term they could come up with as an acceptable translation was the “Creationing”. Are we co-creationing with Mother Earth? With Spirit? What do YOU think?  

I think that I am being propelled/guided into this future; I’m not doing a lot of worrying, and I am paying attention. It was challenging when the van broke down (twice!) I breathe, and remember my future is in Spirit’s hands; I am thrilled to meet the people brought into my life through these adventures. If I were to have a wish: I wish I was better at gathering contacts and organizing information because all of the people involved deserve acknowledgement and appreciation and I want to have them in my life, if only virtually. I’ll get better at it. I am comforted when I remember these lovely people have committed their lives to their principles and pastimes, and are guided by Spirit – we will meet again, if meant to be, as the pattern unfolds…


Another day; another festival…

We stopped in Crestone for a couple of nights (another story) and have arrived at 3 Sided Whole, a place in the desert outside Albuquerque in New Mexico dedicated to Spirit, shamanic activities, and psychedelics. Our host, Dr. Norman Katz, aka Dr. Blue, once again gathered a diverse collection of charismatic characters, some of whom, from a conventional point of view, are wildly crazy; and they play amazing music! They come and play free – in this venue, they shine like diamonds; their idiosyncrasies sparkling against the dull backdrop of Mundania, far off in another reality.

The music-makers were merely one facet of a kaleidoscopic array of talents and wonder-full offerings. First thing that first morning, I was drawn into a ceremonial blowing of an ancient kind of whistle; long easy breaths taken and given together with 3-7 other people. It is said to be able to create a psycho-auditory experience, in which we could perhaps hear wisdom from ancient Mayans. I didn’t hear anything but whistles – maybe I need practice!

This festival felt to me like a coming home… people smiled and waved and invited me over; as they spoke to me, their words echoed how I feel: desiring sharing, community, fellowship, love and the wonder of Spirit, the Great Unknowing…

Enough – it’s late and it’s been a long day… I’m tucking into dreamtime! Much love and blessings, beautiful people!

Oh, by the way; I did a lot more editing in this post and it’s much later than I wanted it to be… Is the time spent worth it? Or do you like my rambling brainstream method that I used here? Feedback please!






Gratitude On the Road (OTR) to Tribal Vision Festival

After a night spent perched on the side of a mountain overlooking Manitou Springs, Colorado, at the Garden of the Gods, we’re going through the Rockies on the road to our first festival of the tour. This place is everything they say it is, and pictures do not do it justice. We’ve seen amazing scenery and missed a plethora of fabulous photos — but we got some too! See…

The road reminds me of Highway 1, down the Pacific Coast. Windy (the adjective!) road; lots of deep curves and turns that open to beautiful vistas; narrow, blind and a totally engaging in-the-moment experience for the driver (JJ!) and completely enthralling to all passengers (me, and All Those who travel with me, though unseen)(You!? We are One! We just have to figure out this telepathy thing and SO much will become unnecessary and obsolete. Will lying become obsolete? Unnecessary? Oh, make it so…) Enough prayer!

I’m for a bit of gratitude; how about you? Me first, and then Spirit will listen to yours, k?

I’m grateful for the sun on my face and the ability to find shade; blessed be the trees! I am grateful for the wind in my hair; blessed be those who donated the sari scarves that decorate our campsite and keep me hopping because the wind blows them from the trees that give me shade from the sun that baked me well done yesterday, and today not so much… there are puffy white clouds and darker grey ones. And there was a drop on my arm as if Mother Nature is warning me that more may come. We’re saying prayers that it stays dry so the sage that I’ve hung up will dry in time for the opening ceremony. I’ve become the Sage Elder at this festival. While I’ve been part of festivals before, this is the first time I’ve been encouraged to do the work I’m passionate about; to get involved with the people doing ceremony. This makes my soul sing!

Oh right – back to it… I’m grateful for the fire last night that was the beacon that led JJ to me with a light, through the dark, so he could show me the fire he had been waiting for me at. I didn’t know there was more than one, and I got a hot sweet milk-tea where I was! I had been invited (pulled over) by the youngest of the current troupe – today she turns 6! And her birthday party will be under the big pink flower (it’s amazing how flowerlike a parachute can be when draped over a geodesic dome!)

Back when I was in Kamloops I said to an online private group of women professing to be going deep that I sought something deeper… having the opportunity to do what inspires me brings an element of clarity to the experiences I’ve had. This kind of tumultuous life is to be expected when you choose to give your life to Spirit–all the good, along with the challenges that spice things up. For me, my choice was made when I was 15, my promise given. I’ve waited a long time for that promise to be called in. I’ve lived, worked, wandered and wondered, searching for the answers without knowing the question; I’ve stumbled, fallen, got up, fallen, lay down and surrendered; and I have transformed (more than once!) – the path is before me.

And it’s beautiful!!  I wish we could share more than words…

Pththth!! Too bad – you’re there. But I’m grateful to be able to speak this way at least because this is awesome! Here at the Tribal Vision Festival I’m harvesting sage and helping in ceremonies. JJ whacked a lot of weeds yesterday (the grass is thigh high!) I gave the organizer, Jessica Joy, a tarot reading and helped serve dinner. While I got our camp kitchen organized, JJ helped construct the big outdoor Festival kitchen. Synchronistically, I had just strolled into the main festival area when a big gust of wind almost blew me over (along with the Festival kitchen) and I saw people trying to hold down the children’s dome. The parachute on it was trying to fly away! With me added, we managed to get the chute off before we took off to the Land of Oz to visit the Emerald City! (Ooo, a green city!)

Nice to have you here, if only virtually! Stay tuned for more adventures, taking the Story of the Stones to the streets, and festivals around the world…

Unprepared, As Usual

I camped for years, at times on the road for months, but it was all by rote and we had all the equipment, clothes and gear. Trying to re-create that comfort with someone new is an exercise, and worth every moment! JJ is a nice guy, although he’s a bit gruff sometimes. We are both so amazed at what is happening, and we are both so committed to our mission, it is easy to cut each other some slack. We both know it isn’t easy, so we try to make each exchange pleasant and informative (I’m trying not to fill the air with non-essentials and JJ, well, he doesn’t talk much at the best of times! I encourage him to add his vibrations and he’s getting the hang of it!)

I’ve been adding a bit to a document when I get the opportunity because I don’t want to lose any of this! (Power and wifi are essentials in our lives!) So, here is some of what I’ve written:

  • Going through the Rockies today, after a night on the side of a mountain overlooking Manitou Springs, Co, at the Garden of the Gods. We’ve seen amazing scenery and missed some fabulous photos — and we got some too! You’ll see..
  • The road reminded me of Highway 1, down the Pacific Coast. Windy (no, not the noun, the adjective!) as in lots of curves and turns and beautiful views; narrow, blind and totally engaging in-the-moment experience for the driver (JJ!) and completely enthralling to all passengers (me, and Those who travel with me, though unseen)(You!?)(We are One! We just have to figure out this telepathy thing and SO much will become unnecessary and obsolete. Will lying become obsolete? Unnecessary? Oh, make it so…)

Enough of that! I’m for a bit of gratitude now, how about you? Me first, and then Spirit will listen to yours, k?

I’m grateful for the sun on my face and the ability to find shade; blessed be the trees! I am grateful for the wind in my hair; blessed be those who donated the sari shawls that decorate our campsite and keep me hopping because the wind blows them from the trees that give me shade from the sun that baked me well yesterday and today, not so much… there are puffy white clouds and darker grey ones. And there, just now was a drop on my arm as if Mother Nature is warning me that more may come. We’re saying prayers that it stays dry so the sage that I’ve hung up will dry in time for the opening ceremony. I’ve become the Sage Elder at this festival. It is the first time I’ve been encouraged to do the work I’m passionate about; to get involved with the people doing ceremony and those organizing stuff. This makes my soul sing!

Oh right – back to it… I’m grateful for the fire last night that was the beacon that brought JJ to me, in the dark, with a light to show me the fire that he had been waiting for me at. I didn’t know there was more than one, and I got a hot sweet milk-tea. It was wonderful; I was invited by the youngest of the current troupe – today she turns 6! And her birthday party will be under the dome with the pink flower on it (it’s amazing how flowerlike a parachute can be!

Back when I was in Kamloops I said I sought something deeper… having the opportunity to do what inspires me brings an element of clarity to the experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years. This is what can happen if you give your life to Spirit. My choice was made back when I was 15. I’ve waited a long time to be activated. I have transformed and the path is before me.

And this in a chat with Rob, that Red Dragon who plans to join us in June…

  • Pththth!! Too bad you’re there. This is awesome! I’m harvesting sage and helping in ceremonies. JJ whacked a lot of weeds yesterday; I gave the organizer, Jessica Joy, a reading and helped serve dinner. While I got our kitchen organized, JJ helped make the Big outdoor kitchen. It blew down in a squall we just had. I had just got up and strolled over… nah, gotta write it once, in the blog… thanks anyway.

So, here we are… Let me tell you, it is so exciting and emergent and challenging and amazingly beautiful and the amazingly beautiful people that we meet are so synchronistically placed in our lives – Jessica Joy (JJ) is the coordinator for the Festival! There’s a guy who works an hour outside of my hometown, Kamloops, BC!! These people know and have been practicing the tenets of living that we’ve been talking about/working with for the past year in Rotterdam at the Synergy Hub. It is so nice to see the festival taking shape and being able to know these lovely young people as we go into the weekend. It is so deeply comforting and reassuring that we are welcome and desired, as elders, to be a special part of these festivities.

Jessica has a special quality that seems to make each of us feel like we are special friends of hers and absolutely everything that we want to do should happen and we should each do what we are passionate about. I am passionate about ceremony and she has me working with the fellow creating the water altar. I’m looking forward to getting back to see what he’s done today. And checking out the sage situation — the more, the better!! Never too much sage!  So, we are going back to our little corner of Paradise – and I’ll send some pictures next time, when I remember my phone – maybe I can find something on this to head up the text… brb…


Castle Rock, in the rain, driving at speed down the Highway – yes, I was in the passenger seat!

Challenged, Confined and Escape from Fort Collins

Wee, the idyll we started out on has rapidly descended into a challenge of a mighty sort. The van has coughed choked sputtered and died for the second time. She is being assessed for the second time as I write this (at least originally; I know I will edit it a few times (that’s what I do!) I really want to keep up to date – there’s too much going on… On the other hand (OTOH), editing out some of this would certainly be a favour – I think that’s one of the first things we’d have to learn if we ever were blessed with global telepathy – how to not overwhelm others with details. So many details are simply moments that support other moments; necessary but not especially noteworthy except in retrospect, in relation to a current important now.)

And that’s what I would usually edit out – that rambling digression completely diverging from the point of the piece, which I have now forgotten, so I’m going to review… brb (be right back).

I’m back. I put in a missing parenthesis and held myself back from changing anything else. I’m allowing the challenge to help me create a new way – that’s what i believe needs to happen. This is, I imagine, a “welcome to my brainstream” style and I’m just going to let it happen… let’s find out together!

Uh oh… where was I?! Hahaha! Ah yes, the van… I would prefer to forget it. Except I need it to do the things that I want to do. There’s important stuff that I have to do (and I almost stopped myself from saying that – it’s not “right” to think that way, but what if it’s true?) and I’ve had the evidence clearly provided. I’m not going to go into that right now; just wanted to be clear up front – I am a spiritual woman with a mission. I have been convinced by Spirit despite being a well trained member of the Rat Race, having survived 40 years slaving away in cubical hell – and I play with that term… taking myself away from the flow of the document, my speaking to you, to play with words. I like to do that. It’s one of the things that gives me pleasure. I like to help others find the right words too. Editing others’ documents is one of my favourite ways of learning about something, or someone. 

Another way of learning about someone is to spend a huge amount of time together. That’s what’s happening to JJ and I. I’m very happy with the speed with which we are learning each other’s ways and how to “play within the rules”, respecting the other’s idiosyncrasies. We are enduring this challenge with good humour, for the most part. We are both feeling very vulnerable and stressed by scarcity and imagined outcomes. 

My solution is this – writing/ talking to you (JJ’s not much of a conversationalist; he listens really well but not when he’s driving, sleeping, etc.). I started playing Gummy Drop but found it empty, still and again. I think back to a Private Group in FaceBook (FB), that professed to be about going “deep” as women, in which I stated that I wanted something deeper… I found some very deep stuff in Rotterdam and deep people online in the last 5 years. You’ll hear about it and them. You’ll also hear about my life before then – lots happened and, the way I remember it, it’s amazing how it all brought me to here, now. 

And why here? There’s something important happening but I just can’t see the pattern, the trail, the clues. Do you ever feel that way? I love it when I have a moment of clarity, an epiphany, a realization that if I do/don’t, I won’t be able to be who I am, or who I thought I was. Those are the easy decisions – though they’re not always easy to live with. And, usually, you don’t have them till you’re old enough to know who you are. You have to make enough decisions to have you sketched out in your experience and convictions, who you are, what you stand for…

And that’s something else I do – slide into some wisdom that arises out of my stream of thought. I’ve learned a whole lot about a whole lot of things but never enough to do anything with it except maybe give you a taste so you’ll go find out for yourself what is the truth for you. 

Ack! I just caught myself editing that – and I promised I wouldn’t! So, ok, if I did edit it, (I just can’t resist!) what would it end up saying – let’s see…

  • That’s something else I do – slide into sharing some wise words that spring from my stream of thought. I’ve learned a lot about a whole lot of things, maybe so I could give you a taste, open up tracks to those trains of thought so maybe you’ll go find out for yourself what is your truth. 

Well, what do you think? Which is the better version? You don’t have to answer; I’ll just rattle on, opening up those tracks, but if you’d like to respond, it’ll be a lot more fun. 

Check-in with the reality in which I find myself: I’m sitting on a red sofa in the back alcove of McCormicks Automotive Centre in Fort Collins, Colorado, with JJ, my friend from Rotterdam (nee California) (I don’t care if it’s not the right term; I believe you will “get” what I’m intending – and that is the purpose of communication, after all – to help others understand what you are trying to convey). (Sorry to be so blunt – I feel it’s important to be real right from the start.) (You’ll also find I thank and apologize more than others, and more than others are comfortable with sometimes. I’m sorry!)

All of this rambling – if you’re still with me, I salute you! The van has been moved into a parking spot and it’s 1:03 so I have to assume lunch. We are comfortable and I’m getting this done. Can’t be all bad. Not at all. A little Guess Who on the radio… coffee’s ready… brb

Everything is better now – it seems the van’s repairs just need to be written up and we can be on our way… crisis endured successfully. And I have a sweet lovely coffee! Blessed be… let’s hope this time the van is fixed for good and we’re on our way south. They have been kind in their manner, apologetic in their demeanour and helpful in picking us up. I wonder if the electrical issue caused the fuel pump to fail in the first place… I suppose it really doesn’t matter… It didn’t/wouldn’t work when it was tested so needed to be replaced in any case… Going forward…!

We are! (Oh lovely, a toll road.) Wenda is wonderful and waiting… no, not waiting – she’s up to her ears in crises of her own, but she holds packages that I need and a hug, that I also need. This has been a challenging time for both of us. Great comfort is present in a good hug.

I’d just like to end on a note of gratitude – Arjan and Allison were wonderful generous Couchsurfing hosts during our time of confinement. Even with a new baby, they were thoughtful, considerate and a great example of the delightful people you’ll meet, should you choose to travel in this new-paradigm way. Check them out at

Also, stay tuned – I’m expecting to open a page on – I like their platform and their values. You can also follow our travels and flow in my brainstream on my blog – oh, that’s here! Just click on that Follow button, k? See you next time – 

The First Leg – Pulled Hard!

This isn’t my usual type of post – but usual is unusual these days. What’s happening on this Spirit-inspired venture? Am I throwing caution to the winds; accepting the challenge to trust Spirit to provide and lead me to be where I’m supposed to be at any set time? While I think I’m taking the prophecy, the Story of The Stones, to the people, is that the underlying purpose that Spirit has in store? I feel people need to know the promise of Mother Earth has been received, but I’m not driving this bus… oh, sometimes I am… but, right now, I want to share a few bus times…

Sitting in the lap of Mother Earth in the sunshine, I look out over the remnants of a forest, a tangle between the path and the lake. The hillside is so steep I almost slide off the long dry grass. Two kayakers just glided silently by, guiding their craft between the plastic orange balls anchored in place for who knows what reason. Across the lake, children play at bocci with their dad. Mostly, there’s a soft laughing of the trees in the breeze, a crow calls, someone shuts a car door – you’d be amazed at how well sound carries across water! The water is silver-over-green; evergreen and grass green, a reflection of the forest and the lawn where the kids are playing.

Logs are strewn across the hillside like pick-up-stix and the birds are singing. A squirrel chatters and a tattered Canadian flag waves weakly over a sign on a snag in the water that says who-knows-what…  There’s new little trees growing; a ponderosa and some fir, some spindly spruce.

It’s peaceful; a pair of Canada geese drift by and a wren is busy in the weeds. These moments are a gift far past any ability to put a price on or provide appropriate compensation. I’m here to say: amazing people exist on this planet. Beautiful children. Generous women. Gentle men. There are also many who are blind to true beauty. Many who aren’t seen because of their lack of beauty. Some people look past the visible and see the inside of people; they see the real beauty, and the hurt and the need. Some people give and give, doing their utmost, their hummingbird effort, to meet the needs they can/see. Honey is such a person. Her privacy is important to me so I won’t use her real name. She wonders at the things I say and smiles and ruffles the ears of her beautiful old dog. We walked the lake together; did qigong. She crochets and watches TV during her few hours of downtime. Otherwise, she is driving and swimming and reading and helping all sorts of people challenged in one way or another. I guess we were in need too, though I didn’t think of it that way. She didn’t make me feel that way either. She made me welcome and comfortable, and gave us a key! Bless her a million times; it was a long time since that kind of release.  There was also a different kind of release going on… my magical car, my PT Cruiser, has been traded in!

Our new ride is a Chevy Van (there’s a song!) When I got the PT Cruiser I had a rune reading from my friend Alexx who works out of The Golden Buddha in Kamloops, BC. I had another before making this decision – he said I would have “an opportunity” and not to miss it because it wouldn’t be offered again. I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Later, it seemed perfect and helped make the final decision. It seats 8 &/or holds all we need for camping between festivals or sites. JJ is driving and we intend to meet up with Rob in June, somewhere. We met in Rotterdam at Synergy Hub 1 where we dreamed of taking the Hub on the road… Now we’re doing it!

May 3, 2017 – We’re leaving today. Down to Kelowna to pick up my passport and then on to Banff, I believe. It’s all fun and camping! I’ve waited so long to get back to Nature! Thank you, Great Spirit, the Creationing of All That Is, that I get to do this again, and to get to speak for you…

I sent a message to Mom, May 4:

Sitting in Kelowna A&W for morning coffee. Site last night was good but the traffic noise was abysmal! Getting things ironed out; taking new things out of boxes and trying to make them work. Listening to people chatting about the end of the world. (They just don’t know that it is the world “as they know it” and it is happening as we speak!)

I’m sorry we didn’t say (get to do the tearful!) goodbye… It was good – sometimes it’s best to just rip the bandage off!  Talking about that – the bandage worked very well and I now have a new nail! Shirley found 10 minutes for me and all 10 look the same again. Good thing I know all these lovely people – thanks to you for that connection!

You should see this place… every one of them (oh, except maybe 1 couple out of 50 people) is OLD! So this is where old people go for breakfast! (Here we are!) I hope to get even better at one-on-one connection with people in the real world; being in Synergy Hub 1.0 in Rotterdam gave me a sheltered place to be – it’s different out here in the “real” world. I feel like I’m missing opportunities, but I will not make me wrong. I know I’m presented with these challenges as ways to learn… I just have to (want to) learn gently!  

Am sitting in the van warming up after a night of rain. We’re in the Wenatchee National Forest. We got in yesterday afternoon and had a lovely evening, campfire and wraps for dinner. I found out that I can’t eat the ranch dressing we have. I had indigestion all night, along with the rain on the tent… at least we were dry, mostly! Condensation on the inside of the tent was more than expected, as usual! Now the challenge is to pack up the wet tent without getting everything else wet. We do have a tarp somewhere back there…

I’ve been thinking about doing ceremony for awhile. It was easy when we were at the lake but camping in the rain has put a damper on things. I’m not as ready for weather as I expect our ancestors were. Stopping at a secondhand dealer to augment my wardrobe seems indicated – I need more fleece! …and so it degenerates into another discussion of the inadequacies of now – actually wanted to comment on opening the iPad this morning at exactly 7:00am. I’ve been having a lot of that… 1:11 and 3:45. I told JJ it’s like a reassurance that Spirit is with me.

…Maybe if I start packing up, JJ will join me. I’ll offer to drive so he can sleep and that may help… I’m getting cold now too, along with urging from my body that going would be good! Time to find some clothes!

JJ wants to sleep. I started packing up but he yells that if I keep making noise, he can’t sleep. I offer to let him sleep while I drive. He said he wouldn’t because he knows I didn’t sleep either. I’m cold. I don’t feel like “wasting” my power on this – iPad power, I mean.  OTOH, I have a charger and the van has a good battery (maybe).

It’s started to rain again, gently. Maybe it will stop. YES it will stop. It’s getting brighter. I saw there were blue parts showing through the grey parts so there is hope… (didn’t stop for quite awhile but I didn’t melt – nor shrink!) I have hiccups because of the indigestion. And cold fingers. There are worse places/parts that could be cold. (Oh, sometimes this Pollyanna attitude gets tiresome, even to me!)

Driving south, I wanted to capture the progression of flora – from the suede hills of home, Kamloops BC, on Highway 97 – sagebrush hillsides dotted with spindly white-blossomed saskatoon bushes and the brilliant yellow of balsam and dandelions. The brown centre and big soft green leaves of the balsam don’t have the impact of dandelions, but there are enough of both to be uplifting and eye catching. Under the ranks of bare fruit trees (all pruned to the same height) are rows and rows of dandelions. There was one field we passed, so quickly I could barely focus on it, that had not been made into rows – perhaps it was an organic field, hand-tended with love. It was a grid of bare trees, like black stitches in a patchwork quilt of grass-green dotted with yellow sparkles! There were no little dandelion puffballs, the timepieces of children of all ages, until we got across the border.

South of the Canada/USA border the orchards continued until the forests of Wenatchee National Park. The ponderosas reminded me of our mountains back home before the pine beetles had their way with our beautiful trees. As we left the National Forest and emerged into the valley itself, along with the balsam and dandelions scattered throughout, there are small white and mauve mounds, with a light dusting of tiny white flowers overall, like icing sugar blown gently across the landscape.

Further south, the flowers have stopped and grasslands spread out around us, with sheep and cattle, and antelope! but mostly just empty land. The rain has caught us – a bank of clouds from east to west! Drops hit like hailstones and sheets of water erupt from under the wheels of 18 wheelers, RVs and cars alike. I’m glad we are as heavy as we are or we could hydroplane at these speeds! We saw only one speeder pulled over by the highway patrol. JJ mentioned that we hadn’t seen any in Canada, nor in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany….!

And even more south we’re out of the rain finally – and I see on one side, far away, sunshine on mountain snow; tall pointy mountains – and on the other side, far away; similar mountains with sunshine sparkling on the snow, brilliant white against the dark grey of the skies. We ride in the foothills, the sagebrush grasslands created by foregone ice-flows between two mountain ranges.

Ok, almost into Idaho and now it IS hail! Along with big raindrops – and the windmills go steadily around and around, spreading their arms across rolling green hills studded with more brilliant balsam. The white (saskatoon) bushes have also reappeared, and bigger than ever!

I’m banging my head against the wall! Internet access is the hardest thing to maintain! Have I ever got my hat off to those who travel and maintain a blog. How do they do it? Oh… no internet! I would but I CAN’T Google that. Pththth!

Adventures… yeah, you could call them that. My visa card was declined by a machine at the Garden of Eden Truck Stop; my PIN wouldn’t work for the 3rd time (put in by the helpful attendant who really should not have had his fingers anywhere near). No gas; no credit card; debit card won’t work in the US. I told him he had guests for the night and I’d see them in the morning!

We found a parking spot at the back of the lot between a couple of trailers and pitched our tent. Other than the noise (compressor for a refrigerator truck, trucks coming and going, highway traffic, etc.) JJ got a good sleep – and a shower this morning to send us on our way, in a good way! Bless the attendants on the morning shift! I had no idea truck stops have showers, (and a tub!)

After filling up JJ suggested we go up and see the Sawtooth National Forest, perhaps camp, but at least he would make me a meal. Well, the meal was great but with a couple of feet of snow still lingering in places, we decided to backtrack and we’re off again on the 84! Hoping to escape all the snow and rain, though we noticed that the Sawtooth National Forest extends down into Utah and we may end up at the other end – hopefully more the lakeside campsite JJ has in mind!

Colorado greeted us with red rocks and a red road! There are so many antelope that Dad would be happy to see them. There was one vista that caught my breath in my throat and brought tears to my eyes – I thought Do we have to sacrifice such beauty for peace? The tears fell as the scene fell behind, with snowy mountains far in the distance, background for the rangeland of ridges and washes of rounded rocks underscored by sagebrush and black cattle on green fields.

So that could be the last of the travelogues I’m going to do… things have gotten rather interesting and now some decisions have to be made – the van has broken down; various other issues have resulted in the need and opportunity for a bit of a rest while we wait for news of how much repairs are going to cost – $515 just to assess the problem. OK, Spirit, what is the purpose of this?

Anybody wants to help, we’d welcome it:

Debut With Spirit/Eagle

The quiet solitude here is very good for my creativity. I sang to Mother Earth tonight, as She was embodied in an eagle. It was completely magical!

Yesterday was more beautiful than I could have imagined: at Paul Lake, close to Kamloops BC, my hometown, we had come to rest, and find our way forward. A quiet walk along the water’s edge; found a stick shelter, crafted by scouts perhaps, up against a big rock on the mountainside. Took time to offer our minds and hearts – I was inspired and enfolded into the beauty. I breathed, and shimmied with the energies flowing through me. Later, left alone with the beauty, I said a prayer and felt the power of it. It will go with me – it holds power for others too. I will share it… but not now.

Now is to remember tonight – we went out again. Stood in the midst of green. We drank in the silence, accentuated by small nature sounds, sharing a smoke; and worked hard to see where the squirrels were that chirped and chattered at us, just like they did earlier… It’s springtime though, and it wasn’t us they were interested in – I don’t think they noticed us at all!  We watched their racings through the 3D maze of the branches of the trees, and laughed at their antics.

Peace, punctuated with natural accents, is so powerful… As we gazed, I pointed out a snag on the other side of the bulrush-choked pond – its colours were brilliant yellow, red, orange, brown and black. We watched as a big bird came into sight, and it seemed Spirit wanted to help JJ see which tree, as it flew to the top of the very one I was trying to point out.

We couldn’t figure out what kind of bird it was; its movements were very like a seagull. Then JJ got cold and we turned to go in but then JJ turned back to me and said, “if you want to walk slow and take your time, I’ll go ahead. Just be back before dark or I’ll have to come and find you!”  I didn’t have to ask; I felt very loved, supported, and understood.

I walked back towards the meadow, watching my feet, thinking about how each foot was placed on the face of Mother Earth. Once, I lifted and turned my head; my eyes immediately fell upon the stump of a big old tree, cut off just above the ground. I imagined me standing upon it, looking at the snag upon which the bird had stood. Walking towards the stump to do just that, I found myself turning to the left, walking sun-wise around the stump. In my head: three times to create sacred space…

Pacing my way ‘round the last time, not knowing exactly where I started, not knowing… but guessing, going with it; I stopped and raised my eyes – and they walked up the length of the very same dead tree, with the bird standing on top looking at me from far across the slough. I was in awe; I bowed deeply to the eagle, turned and mounted the stump, stepping carefully.

Each step revealed the next step; my path outlined by remnants of the old tree, bark from long ago. I carefully chose a spot on the uneven surface, moving from one foot, to the other, and then to another spot, and… and I looked up to see the bird doing the same dance, choosing the best vantage point on his snag so he could survey his world with the greatest of ease; and then swoop down to trace a path over his domain, keeping watch… 

I hugged my wrap around me and stood, breathed… already the memory is fading; the magic hiding itself… why does it do that? I remember “calling in” the four directions, and being deep in inspiration (I saw the west as orange, like a sunset. But then I also said blue, as is customary.) I remember the bird was a focus for me as he frequently moved about, making his short flights, preening and stretching his wings. It was during one of these stretches that I saw the colour scheme of his underside and was finally convinced that he really was an eagle, and I felt honoured.

I also remember singing my mantra, “Great Mother, My Lover,” trying different ways of using my voice. When the last notes of my song drifted away, and I opened my eyes, I saw the eagle sitting looking at me. He had heard and seen the entire thing. He spread his wings and flung himself from his tree. I felt like it was a standing ovation from Mother Earth.

The wind was picking up and it was getting dark… didn’t want JJ to think he’d have to come find me, so I started back. Walking slowly down the rough dirt road through the birch and evergreen forest where the squirrels had played, I took my time, enjoying the freedom; the peace; the quiet; the mushrooms and the flowers. Crossed the road and through the gates of the private paradise where we have been so beautifully, casually received. The lake is amazingly blue in the sunshine during the day, and in the starlit dark, I can clearly see its deep dark blue (though perhaps only in my mind!)  Soon we set our selves upon the path – the road calls – but for now, paradise upon Mother Earth, and She the witness…

On the Road Again… in Glastonbury!

My year in Rotterdam is at an end. It was fun and challenging and awakening and transformational. It was the best of times and it was, at times, the worst. There are no complaints; only observations, lessons learned or grist for the mill to be churned over and over before the results can be useful. Time is the key…

That was one golden piece won in the bout. It is the key; can we find the door? Perhaps it’s here in Glastonbury! I’ve been up the Tor; it’s a long beautiful walk up hedgerow-lined narrow roads to a cemented pathway with steps up a very steep hill to the top where a single column still stands, the only remaining structure. You can read all about it on the internet, along with many personal testimonies. What I can tell you is that it is quiet; the view is magnificent and the people, everyone I met, was open and joyful. Even with struggles, joy and Spirit seem to underlie everything.

Last night we experienced a small bit of community magic like I imagined when creating the Our Heart Gardens concept – a meal provided for the community at no charge and for everyone! It was the Hari Krishna group here in town that provide the meal each Wednesday, and it was thanks to JJ for remembering the tradition. We went for a walk up on the Tor and lay down in the soft spring grasses overlooking the town; my phone hasn’t sync’d properly so the time is wrong but I didn’t know it at the time; we stopped enjoying the sunshine at 4:28 to make it by 5 but we made it by 4 and I had time to stop in at the Library, where I’ve spent much too much time because of internet non-connectivity, and apply for accommodation through Couchsurfing. Mission accomplished, I followed my intuition to join JJ for the meal. I felt welcomed and part of the place, eating that food.

I’d like to see the tomb of King Arthur. I’d like to see the Chalice Well. I’d like to have internet so I don’t have to keep wondering about the details and I’d be able to upload the things I’ve written on my iPad that are stuck there. I shall be patient. At this point in my life I’ve come to realize there are greater reasons than these for the way All That Is is…

So it’s to the West Coast of Canada that we go next; rent a car and drive to Kamloops; stay with Mom and get my car; reorganize and repack and return to the road – we’re going on a road trip to Colorado and other places south, taking the story of the stones to the people! We’ll be talking about the Synergy Hub experience and social architecture and all sorts of other bits of wisdom that have been part of our everyday experience in the Hub. There is so much good inspiring stuff to share; hoping that we can change the direction of people’s thoughts into more positive avenues because where our attention goes, energy flows. I want as little energy going to negative things as possible! Yes, we can just turn our backs on it; there are inspired people who are activated to take care of things like that – it doesn’t have to be you, unless your life path has made you especially powerful in that regard. If not, I urge you to give your self whole-heartedly into what does inspire you; it is how God, or Spirit, works through us.

If you don’t know what inspires you – start with gratefulness. Listen to yourself as you start with “I am grateful for the breath that connects me with the world. I am grateful for the blood that flows in my veins. I am grateful for the water that is the blood of Our Mother. I am grateful for the Earth below my feet and that has given me support throughout my days. I am grateful for…”  and you go on, continuing to speak the things that make you smile. It is through your appreciation of what you encounter in your life that will give you clues of what it is you are to do, along with all the other things that you do in your life… Above all, be happy and find fulfillment – that is the change we all need to see in this world… I believe…

A Park Synchronicity with Merlose

Walking with Drew and Denise for the first time through the park across from the Synergy Hub/Antonius here in Rotterdam. Merlose and I were talking about how beautiful it was, out there in the sunshine with a boy and his mom. She shared with me that going to the park had not been a peaceful prospect when she was a child. That this could be a pleasurable experience was new for her and she was doing great until she started remembering how bad it had been. Have you done that? By remembering a feeling you felt in the past, you can bring it on again, can’t you?

We found a nice spot on the grass and sat together. She put her head on my shoulder and allowed a tear to fall. Then Drew plopped down beside us and said, “Do you know that on an android phone you can get free games?” What a precious child! His innocent energy immediately acted upon ours and we were lifted into a conversation about how this amazing thing could be done. Drew showed us how and finished with a little flourish, “And now I’ve got… Mushroom Land!”

We cracked up! Merlose is the creator/author of a comic-book loosely based on the life of Terence McKenna, one of the most vocal supporters of the use of psychedelic mushrooms ever. That Drew would be given THAT game and say it at THAT time was very synchronistic, like Spirit giving her a poke and a smile, telling her to relax, everything is ok. We were just winding down when Merlose noticed something on the phone’s screen and she asked, “What’s the name of the game?”  Drew took another look, “Oh, I was wrong. It’s Marshmallow Land,” and we were off in gales of laughter once more. We refer to that kind of synchronicity as a “Jungian slip” (the ‘Freudian slip’ is usually sexual in nature). It was wonderful that he had seen something meaningful to us, rather than what was “really” there, and we had been ejected explosively from the blues.

I believe there is a reason for everything, even though we often can’t see it. The threads of our lives are woven together by Greater Hands than ours, and when we put our faith and trust in that weaving, our lives become magical. Capable as we are, there is so much more possible than what we can wrap our little heads around; Spirit is guiding us forward, towards a bright unimaginable future. Do you feel a little thrill of anticipation, thinking about that? That’s the feeling we need to remember when things get crazy/scary, or even just challenging. We talked before about “remembering a feeling can bring it on again”… This is how you can transform a difficult tendency of the mind into an effective tool for staying on the upside of life: remembering the good times can seed the now moment with prime material for creation of more good feelings.

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