Sparkling With All

The sparkles of our stories are like candles in the window that draw us together

A Human Relations Transformation Plan

Short rant:  Our short-sighted perspective on WHAT MUST be done NOW is causing MORE trouble now, and more to come. Imho. I heard truckers are being made an essential service?!

Let’s Start with Food 

Canadian Farmers – how’re they doing?
Fewer operators and fewer farms; it’s been a trend.
Farms are getting bigger –
but the number of people on farms in 2011 was still only 2%.
Fewer farm/ers = less food. The rest of the world can’t help us;
everyone is impacted by the pandemic. 

Solution: We need to adapt.  Growing our own food would help –
it’s the healthiest way too. 

Growing our own food TOGETHER can be how we heal our world ~

Starting with the people who sow the seeds… Give people a safe place,
free to sow and tend crops; be as involved and active as desired; with health
and other services built into the plan; and the help of others,
we can help us all.
And trucking will not be an essential service.

We COULD make this happen…

An Alternative Occupation Movement
Redeployment of Power of People (POP)
 Our Heart Gardens (OH-Gs) 

  • Created /initiated by Government through public participation, private donations  (repurposing hotels, community centres, malls, out-of-business restaurants and stores – and the streets between them, warehouses, neighbourhoods) 
  • Right action by government by divesting themselves of responsibilities they don’t need and can’t support, and enabling the uptake of responsibility by the people who benefit.
  • Creates an abundance of food within communities; reduces shipping costs & GHGs
  • Food is distributed at no cost – the gardeners take it home.
  • Continued participation by governing bodies by providing health care, service outreach and guidance in self-governance and good planning to heal, maintain and grow.
  • POP (Power of People) repurposes gym equipment to generate energy. Free workouts generate energy for the OH-G (… & community). Cleaning and maintaining the equipment is another task that can be done by volunteers /OH-G members.
  • People become personally vested when engaged in developing community self-sustainability. Service offered and given is more abundant than that which is paid for, and healthier too.
  • Development of personal food sovereignty positively influences mental health and interpersonal relationships
  • Engagement of unemployed, unskilled and differently abled people (not sick, unless it’s a hospital or healers’ OH-G) 
  • Tasks are not age related /restricted; Elders have first choice, cooks, kids, teachers, parents, patrons… and all have a say. 
  • We share skills, knowledge, resources, schooling, child-care, elder-care, people-care, celebration and gardens…
  • Purpose-focused locations (potters, weavers, hemp growers, recyclers, specialty foods, POP, laundry, library, museum, etc.)
  • Gardening can be done alone & with or without head & hand coverings, indoors and out.
  • Create large loose gathering /working places where people can see each other and play companionably while maintaining physical distance (if necessary)
  • Shared access to internet and computer operators
  • Shared edutainment and 
  • online connection with OH-Gs around the world, and next door
  • Everyone has a personal tablet or phone
  • On-line Sharing Circles for schedules /planning /governing /healing /connection /learning
  • Shared videos /shows that highlight the uniqueness of each location – people get to know people in other OH-Gs and their products, and see what’s happening in the rest of the world
  • Access to shared space can be controlled when people are greeted appropriately. A strong boundary allows freedom and safety within.

Come visit the OH-G site. Tap through to my blog when you’re done.
I’d love to hear from you!

Shannon McArthur

The Our Heart Gardens Collage

The Network is forming…

In 2015 while writing the website, it became clear to me a network is essential–a way to circulate stories and resources, and to connect people of the land to each other. How it might happen was a mystery and I went to Europe in 2016 to follow a lead offered by United Earth. While my attention was engaged there, places sprang up like mushrooms from mycelium when fruiting time comes! 

I landed back in Canada only long enough to hug my Mom, buy a van and hit the highway. Inspired by the concept of a Synergy Bus, arising in conversations at Synergy Hub 1.0 in Rotterdam, I began traveling our fair continent–and it is more beautiful than I ever imagined. Pictures don’t do it justice; but I keep trying! I’ve seen many gorgeous natural places, and many human-made places that could easily be part of a grassroots network

Places for people need people, ones who love to be self-reliant, alone or perhaps share their quiet place with others who come, stay or go. People who love to tend the land, and love animals or plants more than most people; they need a place to do that; be that. If you are one of these people, I am deeply grateful for you. We need you. But/ and… I know it’s not all sunshine and abundance. Alone gets lonely sometimes, and seasons change slowly–curiosity, and desires unfulfilled can lure you and your helpers away. Visitors can be a vital infusion.

I am a visitor – one of many people who have surrendered, or lost their place on the land. On Turtle Island (North America) we often have cars or campers instead, with all that implies. Many, if not all of us, have been or are broken; some are healers; all are aware of the imminence of change, for good or ill. To be able to rest from the stress, to share our stories and /or offer our gifts to people who are thirsty for, or needing something new; to allow the healing energies to course through our bodies for the good of one or All, that feels good, in a big way. 

I believe we can co-create a solution for both groups. A “circulatory system” seems needed, and happening naturally in any case. It has been forming while we’ve been fussing about other things–and now it’s hard not to see. People have been moving into RVs, buses and cars; turning their vehicles into homes. Places have sprung up, created by people whose hearts sing through their efforts, that have enabled movement across the land–a change in the flow that took people from the country to the cities. These are natural movements arising from our personal choices–making similar independent decisions, we create flow.  

Imagine for a moment the feeling of flow… I remember being caught by my Father’s body, standing strong in the flow of a waterfall that sought to take me over. I had had no idea of the power of that flow; the danger I was in… Now, imagine humanity coming to the lip of its waterfall–not a huge stretch of the imagination, is it? By going with the flow, we will go over. But if we connect and engage with each other, instead of depending on the pillars of our fathers, rooted in the ground of what has always been–we do something different. Like a school of fish or a murmuration of a flock of birds… we can create something new–new common ground, unimagined yet imminent and undeniable… desirable… Necessary!

What if awareness facilitators, entertainers, gurus and artisans could bring their gifts by way of a “circulatory system” to places where our gifts and our presence are desired? …a Lace-of-Places settles over the peaceful vibrantly pulsing living land, connecting all with all others. The One we collectively are is formed of our souls, and our souls are embodied in bodies. When we overcome our challenges together it doesn’t feel so bad–the interaction between our many selves and souls helps us move forward together in a good way. 

Sex is a kind of struggle, pleasurable with willing partners – and look where we are now! With it as our primary driver, we have created a world-full of 8 billion people (+/-). While procreation is not a joy we want to abandon, choice allows us to change how we spend time with each other. Perhaps it’s time to engage each other in co-creation, instead!?!  Your choice! 

The 2020 Vision Nomadic Peace Caravan is my choice. A co-creation of inspiration! Che and Summer came up with the idea a couple of years ago and have dedicated their lives to it – they and I, Griffin, Kate, Ola and others are engaged in documentation and outreach, working each in our way and together online until we meet in Nelson BC, to get ready to set out on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020. It promises to fill my winter moments with good intentions, magical conversations and beautiful prose! 

Are you inspired by the Nomadic Peace Caravan? For awhile, a mile or for all of it–come if you will. We want you and welcome you with open arms and hearts. We are especially looking to engage retired professionals, networkers, web designers and others who can help us organize and influence, honour and uplift; and the gifted ones who seek a way to offer those gifts (because unshared, those gifts create havoc in our lives and sickness in our bodies and minds). It is our deepest desire to work with you, to hear your stories and to see what, between us, we can co-create, fix, arrange, clean, plant, heal, dance, laugh, do… 

Experiencing the results of our collective actions we get a sense of the One we are, and are Becoming. You are an intrinsic part, a self / a cell in Our Heart–let joy and love inspire whatever you contribute. Come and walk with us; or find a way–your own way to show your support of a peaceful, joyful, exciting new way of being together upon this planet, the only Home we have and share: Mother Earth. She’s given Her All–what will you give?

Crowdfunding will soon begin…


MOM (Magic in Ordinary Moments) in Haida Gwaii

Leaving Port Hardy on the ferry, it was much too early and the mist shrouding the trees was cold – not much to be desired. But the scenery was amazing… Mother wanted a picture of a mossy tree; I got some of the shore, too.

There were lots of photo ops throughout the day – I missed the whales that were close enough, but there are so many good pictures of whales that I didn’t worry. My eyes saw the sight; the memory is held in my heart.

Memories were what we were there for, on this trip up the Inside Passage from Vancouver Island via Prince Rupert to Haida Gwaii. Mom and I enjoyed each other and the companionable silence that prevailed as we read our books at a table in the Raven Lounge. There was a point though, that I had had enough silence. I wanted the experience of the Inside Passage to be personal, to wrap the beauty around me as I acknowledged the Power that created such immense breathtaking sweeping expanses of wilderness, where no one has ever walked. Yes, I believe there are still places – many of them! – all along that glorious coastline. Much of it seems inaccessible and impossible for people to get through, though logging companies appear distressingly able.

There came that moment when reading wasn’t doing it for me. I flipped my book shut, got up and said. “That’s enough of that – I’m going outside!” It was a beautiful sunny day but there was a cold breeze; it wouldn’t be long before I’d give in and return to the warm Lounge! This moment was important to me though, and I made the effort. Breathing in, and out, slowly and with conscious pleasure and gratitude, I reached for connection. With each of three breaths, in my head I said, “Thank you!” On the next beat, as I relaxed with a sigh against a stanchion, I saw the spout of a whale, far off in the distance, bright white against the dark green of the forested shore. Surely no one else would have seen that Whale! To me, it was for me! It continually astonishes me how responsive the Power behind the Magic in Ordinary Moments (MOM) is. Some call it God; I prefer Great Spirit, or Spirit for short.

This was my third amazing animal encounter on the trip and I dashed back into the Lounge to share it with Mom. When I bubbled the story at her; she said, “Sit down.” She had a story to tell me.

She told me about the figures carved at the top of every Haida Welcome Pole. These special totem poles are placed in every village, overlooking the harbour, and at the entrances to public buildings. Below these three figures, all the poles are different – but the tops are the same.

On the left is Raven, just like the one I had played “take my picture” with on the way to Port Hardy at a rest stop–third one’s the charm!

Raven symbolizes Air.

Bear looks out from the centre of the pole; represents Land.

I shared a beach with a bear at Port Hardy. While it’s not a great picture, I have good reason… She was barely a breath away — she could have made a meal of me! Instead we shared a moment, and a beach. Then she found berries that made a better breakfast!

The third figure carved at the top of the poles, Whale, represents Ocean. I didn’t get a picture of the one that spouted for me as I stood on the deck of the ferry, all alone in the cold brilliant sunshine.

Hearing the story from my mother of this ancient honouring by the Haida Nation, I felt like I had been personally welcomed by the Watchmen of Haida Gwaii, who have been watching over the Haida people for time unmeasured – far more Magical than I ever imagined in any of my Ordinary Moments; this trip was turning out to be not very ordinary at all!

I wonder what the Watchmen have been watching for…

Sacred Water Within

I wrote a poem, then recorded it. May it bring you pleasure and encourage you as you walk your path. Your path is important; everyone’s is…

My New/Old Cup

Image may contain: coffee cup and indoor

My new/old cup! I had one years ago. I found this one in a little thrift shop in Bisbee, AZ. The cup is just the size of a newborn baby’s bottom and the little feet..! I am to be a grandmother in March and this is something to hold onto while I’m so far away. Bless you, my son and daughter-out-law. May every pleasure you desire be yours! Aho and ahey…. we are on the way to the Peace that has been Promised.

A wand, transformed / Us, forming…

I found it

lying on the beach

I held it, felt into it ~

and we reconnected

to the Earth

through a


Standing One.


I took it home and wrapped it

in my Mother’s love ~

daisies laced with whimsy,

from a gown she once made for me.


I added a feather, just one,

asking the birds to take

my prayers to

The Other Side…


Upon the wall she hung, 

Seeming, feeling incomplete

until inspiration sparked and flared…

Broken Arrow joined Her there!

She is the Feathered Serpent ~

Of this world – and not.

Her burden completes Her ~

Her Feminine waves mated with the

Masculine Symbol of Peace.


With His feather to pair Her flight

We take off, together, into the Light.


By Shannon McArthur (revised 11/2018) 
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters

A View of Time’s Weaving Before Winter Dreaming

The Dreamweavers Sanctuary (the Crestone, Baca Grande property at 454 Heatherbrae Road) is actively facilitating the birth of U-Ma, and I thank everyone there from the bottom of my heart! Returning from my road-trip north (“home” to Kamloops and further north to Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada) I am feeling into “the unknowing” of what U-Ma is destined to be. Hints from Spirit seemed embodied in people drawn during that special time to this special location; their skills, dreams and desires. They (and you?) have their own visions of what will arise… we are weaving our dreams into a future that holds us all, healed and whole!

In U-Ma, I feel we are co-creating something new, unique in all existence; something needed that has never been needed before… What is it? I feel that by defining it we confine it—limit it—so we imagine it and speak of its form and purpose, as we each conceptualize it, while honouring the notion that it is being designed by Spirit. Together, we’re trying to figure out what that is—kind of like Spiritual Pictionary!

The U-Ma concept became very personal to me during my trip south. The plan was to visit LionFire and Mary in Cortez, and then go to the 3 Sided Whole music/shaman festival with them. Instead I got shingles. So much for plans. While waiting for time to pass (both for healing and festival-time to come) we talked about how they have effectively provided a U-Ma Retreat (or Sanctuary?) for many years with people, like me, finding peace and healing in their home. It is a rich and fertile environment with generous, wise, knowledgeable people. Was my 1st visit, last year, U-Ma’s inspiration? I believe so, though we didn’t speak of it then…

Three things to speak of now, before I share with you the update I’ve been working on for so long (re-written as time has passed, opinions considered, plans achieved or changed, etc.):

  1. Our name – Is it a Retreat we want? Or… a Sanctuary? Lori and I talked about how U-Ma could be an acronym: Universal Mother Assembly, or U-MaSS (U @ Mass Power or Universal Mother Sanctuary System). What do you think? We can decide together on a call! Let’s have some fun!
  2. I envision a lacework of places with healers pulsing through it — the U-Ma Sanctuary System… Cortez, Crestone, Taos, Arizona, Mexico, Canada… the globe… bringing healing to people where they live. The Traveling Shamans may be good to align with!
  3. Suggestions from Willow Coyle, the cob-house builder (see below), for our FB ‘About’ presentation were gratefully accepted. Also to make a short video to generate interest. She’s given me a list of documents to help us set up properly and I’m working on them. Please, if you’re inspired in some way, I’d love to co-create.

Dreamweavers Update: Jodi is happy to have the property well tended by 2 (breaking news: 3) Grandmothers; she is free to travel (visiting family first). Lori is back in Louisiana with her family. I was hosted at Dreamweavers for a couple of weeks. Arriving there not yet fully recovered from shingles, it was unsettling having people coming and going (AirBnB, temple builders, friends, mechanics…) and expectations, judgements and different people’s differences rubbing others the wrong way. Peace being our shared desire, we worked things out and when I left (to go to Jodi’s Taos property – another possible jewel for U-Ma!) I had an invitation and intention to return; I look forward to exploring the wealth of experience and skills to learn and share (ooo, weaving!)

The day after I arrived at Dreamweavers, Willow came. She had been part of a free school for cob-building. She’s young, knowledgeable, willing, interested, can manage a worksite and a class, and is very capable in the kitchen! Style and beauty—ok, I like her. She is interested in adding her skills, imagination and wisdom in the Spring to what’s being dreamed up for U-Ma on the Alamosa property. Before she left to rejoin her partner she toured our current project, the yurt at the Dreamweaver Sanctuary.

It began as a beautiful Afghan style yurt lined with fine fabrics but over the years it deteriorated, collapsing 3 years ago. When I first saw it, it was just a hole in the ground with posts.

While I was gone north for the summer (to meet my son and Mom‘s and my pilgrimage to her birthplace, Haida Gwaii) it got a tin roof!

Jodi ordered wood one day with the intention of applying it to the sides of the yurt herself. That same day, David and Lantz, two young men referred by a friend, asked if they could make it a temple (as it was before, apparently! It is so good to have Elders to inform us of the past!)

David may live in/around the yurt this winter, using Dreamweavers’ outside kitchen. Lantz has returned to Texas to visit family, and expects to return. Like me, he is a believer in doing “the next right thing” so hasn’t firm plans. He is considering Jodi’s offer to create a community gathering/cafe on her Taos land.

We had quite the adventure the day we went to the mountain to gather cryolite! Buried around the base of the yurt, it is to add a special quality to it. According to an online source: cryolite is a highly spiritual, high-vibrational stone that resonates in all chakras. It is said to bring the crown, heart, and third eye chakras into alignment and harmony enabling a deep connection to Spirit and the higher realms.

We made our way up a REALLY STEEP HILL ~~ (the 4WD couldn’t do it!! It’s almost VERTICAL!)

And then we walked even further up… to a white monolith standing bright against the blue sky, and the beige and grey stone, and the dark green of the trees… a mother-lode of cryolite!

The Rock Pickers… Willow, David and Lantz
(and me… I’m taking the picture!)

Before taking any stones, we gathered for ceremony, asking and giving thanks for four buckets of beautiful rocks that stretched the arms of Willow and our temple-builders a few inches! 

I brought water, woven through ceremony
with waters from all over the world,
to bless us and our mission.

Mission Accomplished!

The budget for the yurt/Temple is minimal. The end result, unfocused as yet, is to be worthy of U-Ma / the Divine Feminine; a place where we can meet together to dream Spirit dreams and express our eternal adoration of our beautiful home, Mother Earth… and so we are accepting gifts of suitable materials, skills and resources. Can you help?

Sand, cement, tiles—tiger-eye, quartz, or labradorite perhaps? Building materials and items that can be worked into the design are invited. Tin cans with the tops and bottoms removed, then slit down the side and flattened make nifty shingles, I’m told. The tops and bottoms could resemble scales… Is a coiled dragon implied by that? I wonder what form will appear…

Impending cold weather encourages quick work to help the yurt hold heat! The wood-stove is connected and the firewood cut. The skies have been a brilliant blue for awhile; clouds from hurricanes south of us are gone… and snow is in the forecast!

Bless you, and all you do…
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters
oa Shannon McArthur

More Magic in Ordinary Moments: MMOM and the U-Ma Retreat…

I offer a tale of Moments of Magic that brought me to this now moment, an opportunity to beat my drum for the people I feel have the best chance to help us all to heal and grow, happy and healthy as we become aware of whatever “The One We Are” is. Personally, I think we, collectively, are the Child of Gods. That would make us part of the Lifecycle of a God – I’ve got a story about that, but that’s not for now… Now is for that story of magic I was talking about…

Back in May of this year I was in Kamloops – and stuck, uninspired and undirected. I sought guidance from my rune reader. As I walked in, the first thing he says is: “So, when are you leaving?” I told him I hadn’t really thought about it and he said, “The land is calling you!” He described a very high plateau ringed by mountains, some of which have snow all year long. It reminded me of Cortez, Colorado, where I had stayed with my treasured friends, Mary and LionFire, both shaman extraordinaire. Anything I say about them seems pale; their brilliance shines clear and bright.

And so I traveled south to Cortez in time for the 3SidedWhole Down the Rabbit Whole, Guardians of the Desert Too,; then settled back in with Mary and LionFire to co-create some magical regalia. It was a lovely time. I became a reiki practitioner and visited HopiLand with Star Char Lema. Her car had been acting up so Mary suggested she invite me to go with her to make sure she didn’t get stranded. It was amazing and I am eternally grateful for that remarkable experience. Star had been adopted almost a year previous by the tribe because she brought an amazing piece of ancient art (the Waterbearer) that had come into her hands – she felt it wanted to visit with the Hopi people. That story is Star Char’s, and because it’s her part of the story, better for her telling it, I offer the feather to her:

My feather

I was so very honoured to be able to be there to hear Grandma (and her descendants, too) call out, “Come in; sit down!” (all taught by the same voice!) and, when she and I laughed together, I felt she was happy I had come. I was further honoured to stay in the home of her son, PV. He paints the pottery she makes and is an artist in his own right; I have two of his original sketches of Kachina dancers to help me remember: him, his Grandmother of the Flute Clan, and my visit to the mesa. Such lovely warm generous joyful people, on that beautiful day…

Then it was back to Cortez and time to go to the next music festival: Tribal Vision. Where I was going after it, though, remained a mystery…

Until the day before the close of the festival I had no destination. I didn’t worry – for the first time, I had no angst (what a relief!) – I enjoyed being and doing, and then I reconnected with another Star, aka Betsy; medicine woman and astrologer. I met her last year when I stayed with Mary and LionFire. She has an RV parked on the Dreamweavers Sanctuary in Crestone, CO, where I was told I would be able to stay – just talk to Jodi…

Skipping over stories here but, basically, I arrived, talked to Jodi and moved in. Star had prepared my room beautifully and it wasn’t long till I was settled and Jodi and I became friends. Next day, Lori arrived… was it really that soon?  OMG, the drama that happened with the youngsters! What a turmoil. And then Lori arrives with her two lovely little dogs (What kind are they, Lori? Let’s hear your side of the story!) Along with BaaBaa, the standard poodle, and Black Wolf (yes, he is) and the cats – well, it was a lively place there for awhile! Dewei, the resident Buddhist monk, often does an online meditation (@ 7&7) so a thread of peace runs through it, and there was little push to do anything (too hot!) other than prepare spaces for a group coming for a retreat. We took many opportunities to just sit together, do ceremony, laugh and dream. Jodi told me about a piece of property she’s been paying taxes on down on the flats… Jodi’s got that story, and more will come.

I just want to tell you how magical it was…

…the birth of the idea of the U-Ma Retreat, inspired by Spirit and the
many traveling shaman who go around to festivals and small town fairs
providing ceremonies and consultations to raise enough money to support
their need to help people!

Because that’s what it is… it is a soul-deep need and we cannot turn away.
Our path leads into the deepest of pain and through the darkest of times;
Way-showing and guiding, as best we can –
holding a light for those who are questing, questioning…

I believe we need to do better for our vulnerable givers, healers, guides –
the people best able to help in this new, confusing and challenging time.
Gathering together to share our wisdoms and ways;
listening together to each other, coordinating our efforts and
weaving a way that works well for All That Is…

That is, I think, a worthy reason to arise…

On the Road again… (almost)

Hello, my friends! I’m just about ready to go on the road again – spreading love and taking the prophecies to the people, or at least dancing up the spirits at music festivals like 3SidedWhole – and maybe Tribal Vision like last year! See… that’s me in front of the stage!

Putting up the Main Stage - Tribal Visions

And I want you to know that I’ve got videos, powetry* and artwork on Patreon. Through their platform, you can donate a very small (or LARGE!) monthly amount automatically to help me flourish as I travel –

Click here to read &/or hear my posts and get updated.

Some posts are from before and some are new. Dive in! What else would you like to see? What do you wish was different? Patreon has set it up so you pick the ‘reward’ you want to generously donate to me automatically every month so I can do what I do and you can see and hear stories of Magic in Ordinary Moments, adventures on the road, etc.

What do you think of the “Rewards”? It’s different from anything I’ve seen and I like it; feels like new paradigm to me. I like a lot about Patreon, and a lot about sharing with you. I hope you like what you see, and that you let me know either way. I intend to move most of my content behind the “Patrons Only” barrier but until I do, there’s lots to see.

If you like what you see and can show your appreciation with a little bit of “love” per month (or a big bit!) I look forward to our more personal relationship.

* Powetry = powerful poetry, poetry of power, or perhaps, poetry from Power

Solstice – stepping into the light

I’ve  been waiting for something to happen since I was 15. I didn’t know what. I had an experience and it created a faith in me that sometimes I swore I didn’t have, but it has made me make decisions I never would have, otherwise – at least I don’t think I would…

Time for another one! It seems that the time has come for that something to come into the light. I’ve always thought of myself as rather ordinary but things conspired to make me into a rather interesting person with a bunch of very interesting stories. They knock me out. Magic in Ordinary Moments (M.O.M.) If they hadn’t happen to me, I don’t know if I could believe them, but they brought me to now… and I learned a lot.

I got inspired. I did a bunch of videos of some of my stories. Yesterday I made them public. I have more… but this Solstice seems to have influenced me – I felt it would be a good time to shine some light on the magic I have experienced in my life; dreams and a prophesy come true, and the promise I received from Mother Earth, for all of us. I’ve been holding back for a long time and now the time, inspiration and opportunity to tell you…

Now’s the time! (…walking now to centre stage – completely unknowing and trusting…)

(just have to figure out how to …) (ahh…) Here’s the link to my YouTube playlist:


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